Mosquito Sunday

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  1. jay2k

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    How did everyone fare this weekend? I stunk it up on the southend. Started fishing at 6 a.m. around the 305 area. Crappies were everywhere first thing and caught a couple of small ones before sunup. Moved around a lot and caught small perch almost every hole I fished. Did take a 13 inch walleye around 10:30 that inhaled a pimple. Quit at 2 very tired and disappointed. Didn't see any fish on the ice on the way back either. Ice was 8 inches and there was still a little bit of slush closer to shore.
  2. swone

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    You wrote my report for me. The only difference is that I didn't catch a walleye and had to go to home at 10:30. My buddy caught a decent crappie right before we left and I had some hard hits on vibees and jigging raps that I missed before sunup. Were you straight out from the boat ramp? We saw someone there when we pulled up at 6:30.

  3. Fished from 8am too dark. Must have hit 50 perch. Crazy! One after the other. Also lost 6 eyes and caught 2. All eyes were on a cycada with a minnow head from noon to 3 IN 16FOW. Tough bite! Tried the perch on the tip-ups but nada. I was north of you guys.
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    Sounds like most of us had pretty much the same day, except me and my buddy did not catch one eye the whole day.(approx 7 hrs) Oh well, just have to try again tomorrow! We too were at the SE lot, or just 150-200 yds NW of it. Where in the heck are all the eyes? Are they all up North of the causeway?:confused:
  5. Ive gotten mine from just below the ice to 16 fow. Tells me the eyes on the dam are suspended. Dont really pay to fish the bottom after first ice. All ya get is perch. Dont ge me wrong! There are eyes shallow on the southend. They might be over 20fow now.
  6. We tried the channel and the flats, all we could get were perch and crappie. no size to them. Jig were you the guy that was WAY out there? The last eye I caught was in 16 FOW but only 5-7 feet under the ice. I Thought it was a nice crappie until I got it to the hole. Anyone doing any good at the cemetery?
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    same here, sw area, 305, had the camera down, saw nothing but perch all day. except for two gills.
  8. Do They Ever Plow That Parking Lot By The Cemetery?
  9. I fished with Swone and his buddy at first light out of SE 305 area. We fished till bout 10am. Like he said 1 decent crappie his buddy caught, and a few dink perch and bluegills. After a quick lunch I headed to the cemetary area. My first fish there was a 10in eye, was a hopeful beginning but in the end alot more of the same. Caught dink perch one after the other! If these Perch had size to them it would have been one hell of a day! Was able to get one big Gill to go with my one keeper Crappie from the day before. 2 days on the ice, 2 keepers, and I did lose one keeper perch at the hole. I believe all the fish maybe North of the bouyline, just my oppinion.
  10. Well if all the eyes are at the north end then by spring theyll be on the dam for the dnr traps.:confused: I know the last few we did pretty good off the white crane and there is a reason why they are there. Im talking from 12-22 fow. At 8in of ice the bull heads and bass will come out of the shallows and the eyes will be on the bottom with the channels. The eyes on the north end Im thinking come from the bridge.
  11. Thats where me and Swone and his buddy fished, out in front of the crane. We fished 12ft and 20ft. Doesnt seem to matter where you fish these dink perch r there. If i didnt know any better I would question whether they descend from the Goby family tree!
  12. Only think Ive found is get on the break-line and dont let the blade sit or the perch will get it. I watched the 20in go down 2ft from 14 in 16fow after my cycada. I pumped it twice and down she went! This is the reason the perch are tight to the bottom. Big eyes are like pike in the lake.;)and without a big population of muskies like WB they are free to rome. You have too attract them then have something worth eating. Perch isnt one of them. They want bait-fish!
  13. CaptCanoe

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    One can only hope that in 2 or 3 years we get masses of keeper perch instead of these dinky ones... It would make for some great days if they bit like they do now... toss in some eyes and your golden..
  14. Was thinkin the same thing. Might be as good as the big water some day. If its because of the zebras they all we be full of them soon.