mosquito spillway!

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    Well i went 2 the spillway 2day at about 5:30..... stayed til about 9:00!! Got 2 nice crappies... a couple small crappies, about a dozen 6" to 9" cigars, and my buddy got a 17" channel cat! Met my dad up there! he was at the causeway from 11:00 am to 5pm.... He only had 1 crappie from the causeway but it is a hog! I got all of the fish at the spillway with chartreuse little nippers and chartreuse and orange jigheads and twistertails! It was fun...i just wish i had gotten a couple keepers as far as the walleyes go! Got one keeper eye the other day down there along with a couple small crappies! The spillway is running a little all the fish casting right across the current right where it spills out!