Mosquito Reservoir, 9-23-07

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  1. Went out from 7am until 2pm. The fog in the morning was like pea soup, had to rely on the GPS to get me to where I wanted to go. Caught 8 nice crappies, one walleye, and three largemouth bass. Seen a bass fisherman at the causeway catch a big walleye while casting a chartreuse crankbait. Didn't want to leave, but wanted to catch the Browns game.....................should've brought a radio, or better yet, not listened at all. Went to play basketball that night at a church, wore yellow and black......tired of them letting me down.

  2. I'm with you. Don't know why i waste valuable fishing time on those bums every sunday.

  3. But, like me, you'll do it again next week.
  4. DVR...gotta get one. I no longer waste time watching the Browns during the afternoon.:)
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    Yeah the DVR is great. You can do what you want while recording and save a lot of time watching what you recorded by fast forwarding through the commercials(or when the Browns offense has the ball:D )
  6. I have the DVR also but can't bring myself to not watch the Browns live, YET!
  7. Oh man, MadMac you are too far gone. A real true Browns fan to the bone. You need to seek therapy, pronto.:D I'm with BigDaddy300 although every once in awhile I get sucked in and stop to watch the offense.:D