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  1. Hit the west side up towards the causeway this morning from 7 to 11. Ended up with 4 nice walleye (16 -19 in.) and 8 crappie. Caught the first walleye drifting over top of a stump bed, then I threw anchor onto that spot and just sat on it for most of the day. I was at 16 ft of water. TON of boats out there today, probably most I have ever seen. Be back out tomorrow....Good luck
  2. Me and my son Barsolna Bass fished east of Housle Craft in 15 to 19 fow and cought are limt of walleyes and 1 crappie.Was fishing bottom bouncers and worms.Saw a lot of fish catching in other boats also.Fished from 8 till 1:30
    Saw Reel Lady at the ramp good luck at your next tourny.

  3. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    i fished sat and sun i dident find the eyes only caught 1 cat 26 in i was fishing the north end ton of boats sat not too many sun
  4. TMK


    We've been catching good numbers of eye's trolling #5 rapala's on leadcore in 16-18 fow.

    Still getting lots of small ones though. About one out of every four is >15".

    I'm hoping to get out either this afternoon and try shallow weeds with jigs and crawlers. Our best fish at Mosquito usually come from the weeds this time of year.