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  1. Lots of fishermen out today. Guys are saying they are doing real well on Crappies and walleyes. You should see all the ice shanties out here on the North end. I haven't ever ,in the history of our place ,ever seen it like this.
    I am so excited. Linda

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    yea was out there only for a little today, saw a lot of people ans shanties. id say around 100 people, maybe more

  3. Probably most of them were people who didn't think Erie would be safe today! Good thinking, I guess!
  4. To bad for those guys! Pretty windy for Erie. Iwas on the southend yesterday. Got hundred perch,some crapps,cat and 1 for 2 on the eyes. Depths were from 8 too 18 fow.
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  5. JIG-Any size on the perch on the south end? or the dinks I been reading about previously?
  6. Did get a couple around 10in. Talk about a pretty fish! Almost made me want to eat him.:p Hopefully in a couple years well be set for some GOOD eats!