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  1. Lookning for aplace to stay near mosquito. Anyone stay at green acres? Info would be appreciated. Thanks, Simon
  2. you might call linda at the causeway bait shop ,she just might know of some cabins or places to stay.

  3. If you to my web-site and I have a list of places to stay which are 20 minutes from here.
    Mosquito lake now has 2 cabins to stay at also----If interested call my friend, Jan @ Ye Old Farm Camp Ground and Cabin Rental. She just built them and they are ready to go. (Hopefully by next year she'll have a lot more built.) For more information --Call Jan @330-638-2917 or
    330-766-0047 or 330-651-5042.
    She also has primitive and Electric camp sites. She is located on the North-west side of the lake. Linda
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    ye old camp ground is like 75 bucks a night at least thats what the sign said

    check out the state park camp ground more around 20 bucks a night
  5. At YE OLD FARM the rental of the cabins are $75.00. The .primitive camping is $20.00 per night, and the sites with electric are $25.00.