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  1. I have a deer hunt coming up in a couple weeks. Never been there and was wondering if anyone else has and how it is?
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    not sure of your area, but mosquito has many big deer. i fill 2 tags there just about every year.

  3. you cheat though,:D dont you live right around the corner and hand feel them year round:D :D :D lol
  4. I've been in there a couple times many years ago on the ML hunts and it's been my experience that if you have any low lying thick brushy swampy areas in your section,, that's where you want to set up and wait.

    When they designate your area, check the topo map and look for someplace low, head for it as soon as you can get your bearings and try to find a good higher ground spot overlooking the swamp, or just find a well run trail near the lowland and wait.........cause when the shootin starts that's where the big boys go to hide.

    I don't hunt deer anymore, but back when they first started those ML hunts, I have some great memories and saw some awesome bucks come out of there. They want you to fill a tag regardless.

    Good Luck.
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    just the first one:p
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    when we used to hunt it we would get into your area deep and stay there. all the others push around the outside comming and going. the deer travel thru the middle the same way comming and going.
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    Mosquito is not as good as the days of the past but still holds some nice deer. I would recommend you use a climbing treestand if you have one. Much of the ground is thick and wet! Being up off the ground will help you see way more ground. As far as where to set up I would look for some heavily used trails. If there is snow it will be obvious. If not hunt around the hardwoods and swamp edges cause thats where they will be heading. If no treestand then hunt the field edges because everybody will be tromping the THICK woods booting them out across the fields where you can see! I will be in there Saturday with my son for the last youth hunt of this season. Good luck during your hunt.
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    What area are you in?
  9. Not sure waht area I'm in. My Dad has all the papers. When I find out I'll let you know. I didn't know you were allowed to bring treestands?
  10. Well went to Mosquito for the hunt on Friday and no luck. I only saw 1 doe and didn't have a shot. My Dad missed one doe. Best part of the day was when we were walking around we stumbled on a dead 9 point. It was frozen in a small march maybe shot during the youth season. It was a nice size deer and the rack was thick I'm guessing in the 130's. Didn't hear too much shooting and only saw 2 does checked in.
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    At least you guys seen some deer. Did you end up staying in the area? Or did you move around?