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Mosquito, Milton, Berlin, Pymatuning, or West Branch and why?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mosquito walleye, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Just curious what everyone's favorite inland lake out of these are and the reasons why. You obviously know my selection just from my name. And by the way, Erie is really my favorite!! We always all give great information on this site and it would be nice to see where everyone loves going.
  2. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    depends on the time of the year. all 4 lakes fish vastly different. Usually go squito till late april, pymy till june then berlin. in the fall I run to berlin then squito late.
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  3. Berlin. Because of the lack of weeds, great points and humps, and I know it better than the others.
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  4. Probably Berlin, especially early, because I've been fishing there since I was 10 yrs. old. Know the lake better that the others. Squito, early June , then Pyma & Erie. Finally, Berlin in the Fall. Just love vibe fishing!!
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  5. I am still trying to learn how to fish Berlin the best for those eyes. Usually would always be out on Mosquito because that's the lake I really first started fishing for eyes on.
  6. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    Pymy in April, mosquito in may and June, Pymy and Erie in July and August, and Shenango the rest of the year. Ky lake in late march and early April to start my season.
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  7. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    I fish mosquito and Berlin. I catch the extreem at berlin. All large fish or all small. Can't seem to get them all the time. But mosquito I can almost always pull a few fish. Sometimes with a few larger ones mixed in.

    I have fished mosquito way longer.

    I haven't figured out westbranch yet
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  8. I am with you Erie is my fav but mosquito and pymatuming are 10 min rather way for me.
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  9. Milton and WB before the crazies are out there....Maybe not large numbers of eyes but you can catch your limit and their size is pretty notable. Can really pull up some slobs for being Inland Lake fish.
  10. Mosquito my all time spring n ice fishing lake mainly cause I know it inside n out but erie is where I rather be at
  11. Have fished Mosquito since I could walk... so I'm partial. If it wasn't for the fact I have to drive PAST mosquito to get to Pymatunig, I'd probably say it's my favorite... IMHO, the fish there seem to be healthier (maybe because of the size limit?) and I get them there just as easily as squito.... BUT.... it's hard to drive past guaranteed fishing for just slightly better....
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  12. The horsepower limit is what was always stopping me from fishing Pymatuning more. My new boat will also have a 9.9 kicker which I guess will allow me to get on that lake a little more.
  13. I'm in agreement with MW...Mosquito is my "go to" lake, since I lived very near it for most of my life, but Erie is tops of them all. Thing is, I live much closer to West Branch than the others now, and haven't been on it yet, but sure hope for some tight lines there this year. Berlin isn't far, I'll be checking that out too. Did I hear correctly that Berlin has some extreme and sudden depth changes?
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  14. twistedcatfish1971

    twistedcatfish1971 Fish fire food friends family

    For me it's the branch...been fishing it hard for 3 years and every year it has produced something of great significance. I just stuck with the resiviour and took notes everytime out. I'm not saying I've got the place down its a very hard resiviour to figure out but westbranch is my absolute favorite.
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  15. Glad to hear, Twisted. Maybe I'll see you out there. :)
  16. hupcej4x4x454

    hupcej4x4x454 Scientific Angler

    West Branch as well. Challenging... yes. The lows are low and the highs are high. If you're persistent, the rewards can be great. You never know what's lurking in there, as the species diversity is better than just about any other lake around. Every strike is exciting because you may guess what you've hooked into, but often you're surprised with something unexpected. Plus, the lake has just about everything with respect to structure and cover, so lots of options for different presentations and techniques. And you're almost certain to see some additional wildlife out there... beavers, deer, eagles, fox, turkeys, hawks, etc.
  17. Yes Berlin depths vary drastically. Take it slow with the water low and you never being there. Many different spots that you could say bye bye to your lower unit on, read some maps and stay wide around points, because most of them keep coming out just under the surface and you cannot see them! Good luck! It's a Great Lake!
  18. I have heard soo many horror stories of people losing there lower units on this lake!! I 100% agree with bigeyurk, make very wide turns because it can be insane how far some of those shallow points really go out with the water low. But drop offs= Vibe fishing
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  19. Same here...I keep a map and highlighter with me every time. Sure is fun to see your homework paying off!
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  20. Early Spring, Mosquito...big gills and crappies and eyes...Mid April, Berlin, nice crappies, ok gills, and really nice white bass.
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