Mosquito Madness $10k RESULTS/DISCUSS

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  1. Next year...we will go digital!


    Until then...enjoy the hillbillied board results, which for 2008's event will FIRST be posted here on

    Come Saturday May 3rd at roughly 6pm, the results of day1 will be posted here and only here.

    Once things get settled a touch throughout the weekend, will post pics of the day and printable results both days.

    A HUGE thanks to OGF for their support of this event and affording anglers across Ohio a place to call home, meet friends and argue during the winter ;)

    Stay tuned to this thread and dobass for updates to anglers of this event!

    BTW- what a great place to ask director questions...PRIOR to the event!!!!

    Anything answered now- I will go deaf once boat #1 is called :C

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    So that is next weekend? 2 days right?

  3. Next weekend would indeed be May3rd and May4th... :p

    That's all anyone has...geeze this is easy ;)

    Flight times:

    First boat of both days will be called at exactly the start time of 6:30AM. All participants are to be registered with boats on the water and staged in the "Office Bay" due South of the Marina/ramp bay no later than 10 minutes prior to the start time.

    1-20 2:30
    21-40 2:45
    41-60 3:00
    61-80 3:15
    81-100 3:30

    100-81 2:30
    80-61 2:45
    60-41 3:00
    40-21 3:15
    20-1 3:30

    Hope to see many OGF folks checkin' us out for the weigh-ins!!!

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  4. Gee I'm glad you posted the flight times!!! :) I would hate to get :confused: ! :D :D I am bringing 2 alarms!!!;)
  5. does anyone have any thoughts on what the colder weather next week might do to the bass at mosquito if anything?
  6. Louis...of all people! :p You know our check-in boat policy all too well!

    Please be prepared to check-in with your FLIGHT each day. We attempt to stretch out times of arrival as to not crowd the ramp or scales.

    The earliest you can begin checking in is at 2:15, until that time all anglers are to be "on the water".

    I'm guessin' the bite is only growing. More fish are moving up simply as a spring timing thing. No doubt the "snow" front will slow them up the first part of the week,but with a little luck in the weather stabilizing by weeks' end- LOOKOUT! The early week pause very well might benefit a rush in masse by Sat and Sun!!!

    Overall though- youll see 100 limits both days possibly, but I'd guess weights of 12+lbs might not be as easy as last NOAA event...a buck buck here and a buck buck there- won't be able to keep the bucks from eatn'!!!

    I'd like to hear a comment from the quiet one... Cullin'...???? he aint talkn'!!!

    Sausage and pizza for day2 weigh-in - we even have a carnival tent this year :p
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    sausage and pizza! thats enough to make me loose sleep this week :D

  8. Comment?
    Here's one..."No comment!";)

    Seriously it'll be a good tournament. If I could lock in at 12.50lb. a day right now I'd jump all over it!

    Eddie and I hit the "perfect storm" of sorts at the first NOAA event; prespawn fish dying to get shallow, a full moon and approaching front. Truth be told we could have weighed a little more than we did.
    Don't forget 41 less boats than what the "Madness" will bring!

    I'll make a trip up late in the week to look things over and we'll go from there.
    Looking forward to it, always a great event!

    (We're middle of the pack each day so maybe, just maaaaaybe I'll be able to taste some of this great food I've only heard stories about!!!:D)
  9. X-series was today.

    Weights in top 3 were 11.8-11.2 , high tens made a check- this was with 82 teams. Field weights down dramatically overall- numbers gone in comparison to 4/19.

    For us, and similar dock talk, bite died early and went plain old stale. They smell that cold air stirring I guess!

    On another note though a 5+ was bigbass- haven't seen that at mosquito in a while.

    We were one sharp hook away from the first Stratos 2X $$$... weighed a
    12'er - 6 bites all day.

    I myself have yet to eat one sausage at an event...;)

  10. Any suggestions on Parking and where to meet partner's - also, wondering if the new Park Director had new instructions - Not sure if this was because of the new location but at the 4/19 event I found it frustrating that so many vehicles and trailers would pull up to the curve, where the tent was located, stop, get registered, and prep the boat. This blocked everyone else that was ready behind them. I know you can't make people have common sense but maybe a suggestion before hand might help get everyone in the water before 6:30, especially with 100 boats. Thanks!
  11. Great questions!

    Indeed the folks stopping for NOAA to register, were asked to move along, away from rigging lane area. Common sense overtook them :p and we made it to the water with 62 teams with the first time check called at 6:34. I was being nice this day, good weather I guess ;)

    You wont have to even be concerned with this at Madness as we will register and complete approximately 65 teams of formal ROL forms while participants are in their vehicles, way ahead of the new weigh-in location determined by the State near the one lane access.

    You can stay warm and dry- then take it straight to the water for launch. Your partner will park- then get on board and BOTH will drive by boat to the PARK OFFICE BAY directly south of the Marina Bay Launch. (this is also in the rules)

    We will be moving anyone not a part of the tournament ahead of our lines (as in the years past) and the ramp will be free of any clustering for them as the number of launches are controlled with our check-in process. Signs will be posted in route to the State Park- please allow and help guide any obvious non-participants around us.

    I will guarantee you that we will have registered boats on the water and boat #1 off at 6:30am. There are no refunds at this time and anyone not registered with boats on the water 10 minutes prior to stated start time will be DQ'd for the day. The payout will remain as posted, although we may miss a late team or two.


    Best bet for partners is PICK THEM UP and ride together from a location of your choice If you choose to use the single car parking at the State Park then it's best to not even turn your rig into the launch ramps. Simply CONTINUE straight towards the MARINA- pick up your partner and then proceed to the launch only with your parnter in your vehicle.

    What else you guys got???

    How about this hot water tank just burst...go figure!!! I'll take that though, could be MUCh worse!

  12. To help save some time from "discussion" while signing the ROL forms...

    ...if you choose to not provide your valid SSN, your team is not eligible for any prizes :)


  13. It's official , ALL wait list teams have been issued a position 3 days prior to Day1.

    If you desire to fish the Madness, I would guess, and according to history, there very well could ultimately be a spot...

    Feel free to inquire, my last wait list team has been issued their position and yet to confirm their entry.

    They are coming from reaches of Michigan and had reported at NOAA 4/19 they had already entered a different event and would not be present if they had not received a spot by then...

    Love to have those who wanna fish, come and fish!

    Regardless, the checks are made and a FULL 100 team payout WILL BE MADE!!!

  14. ...if you wanna play your fiddle, give me a call.

    My MI wait list team formally declined the spot leaving team #83 OPEN for a position at Madness.

    First email or call can have it. Where's the central Ohio OGF'rs!!! That'd be a great story to get into an event that has been locked up since mid February and WIN $10,000!!! Or even $20,000!!!

    Weather appears setting up for a potential killer bite. New moon, stabilizing days prior, spinning front to the North during event, warmed air, LOOKOUT!

    I'm going right now with 25.13 pounds to win ~ 19.56 for 15th check :eek:

  15. Lets get this show on the road! I am stuck at work wishing I was there prefishing. Sounds like the 2 1/2 pounders from last year are now 3 pounders cant wait to get there. you da man Rorey!
  16. We are again at a full field. Team #83 has been filled.

    PLEASE MAKE SURE if you are fishing this event you are registered according to time frames in the rules.

    The open spot solicited such a response I anticipate now having some "new" teams showing at the ramp day1 in hopes someone screws up.

    I have advised these teams if indeed the registered field is not in place according to the time frames of the rules I will relinquish spots to them.

  17. I'm predicting 28lbs takes it all.
  18. I'll check in with a 23lb. guess for the total.
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    I'll predict 20.5
  20. I'm with you Rob...right around the 20-21lb range.