Mosquito Lake

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  1. Me, my Brother and a few other relatives might go to mosquito lake on friday and fish of route 88 and need to know if mosquito will be good for walleye or catfish
  2. ezbite

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    the causeways northside, west of the bridge(in the rocks) is always good for some cats if you have a nightcrawler out on the bottom. while your at it, drop a minnow about 3 feet below a bobber and cast that out too.

  3. Walleyes at squiter,down size your jigs,still tip em with leech,minnow,worm.Dog days are hell on fish also ,its not just us who get out of wack.Find a deep drop fish the edges,weeds are cooler in deeper water.Been out last week ,caught only two keepers ,8-12+" crappies.Football started so gotta hit it when i can.I was out in the evening on a sat.
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    I'm going to mosquito on Tuesday and was wondering how I should fish for walleyes. I will be fishing in the evening for about three or four hours and would appreciate any tips or tricks. Thanks for any help