Mosquito Lake swimming

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  1. Has anyone swam Mosquito Lake? Is the beach clean? Have they had any reports as far as water contamination? I know at Dillon Lake it's pretty bad. I'd never swim there. But at Burr Oak it's good. Blue rock swimming is not good. Salt fork is good. So with there being such a varience in swimming/water conditions from state park to state park and me never being at mosquito just wondered how nice or bad the swimming is.
  2. The water is good. There is a beach area by the state park area on the south side I think. No steep cliffs or anything like that. Shallow edges

    Jet ski's and water skiing on the south side of the causeway. Zerba mussels area really clearing up the lake. My wife won't go in the water because of the flathead cats in there! LOL

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    i really hate to post this because i like mosquito lake.. i would NOT swim at the state park. it's been a month since i walked the beach, when i did it was COVERED in goose crap. it was everywhere. the water looked fine except for the crap in it, but i didn't see any signs warning of high bacteria like last year. the crap was enough to make me to stay out.