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Mosquito Lake Bass Tournament Sunday

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Fishinaddict, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Arrived to the State Park ramp around 6:15 only to see 20 bass boats waiting in the lot. Went to the other nearby ramp and launched. Anybody know what the winning weight was?
    My report: Landed 5 keepers, 3 shorts, all on topwater. Figured I had about 8lbs of bass for my limit. If it weren't for the bass busting shad and their willingness to hit my buzzbait it would have been a slow day for sure. Pulled 3 keepers out of the boils before I called it quits around 9:30. Wanted to get off water early before my brains got cooked in the 94 degree heat. Thanks to anyone who can give me infor on this tournament that launched at the State Park Sun am. Paul
  2. there was a small club tourney there i know but more like 10 boats tops,i heard they really struggled with winning bag around 6lbs

  3. OK thanks for the info. I guess it there were other bass boats launching at the same time. Ive gotta start tournament fishing! haha
  4. Hey if you need a partner for tourneys let me know, I'll split the costs with ya
  5. Hey Whalestation, Will do! But the problem I find with tournaments is that they cost too much as to be prohibitive for me. I can either pay out 100 to enter tournament or fun fish for 10 dollars in gas. Of course I can't win anything fun fishing but the tourney guys have a leg up on us weekend warriors. Take it easy, Paul
  6. The tournament was Mohawk Valley Bass Club, with 25 boats. Winning weight was 12.70 pounds, second was 12.4, third was 11.15, fourth 11.12 and fifth was 10.02. Fifteen five-bass limits were weighed. Big bass was 3.56.
  7. Wow! Good job on those weights! Mosquito is a good bass lake! Anybody get and pike or musky during the tournament?
  8. Hey, im down with fun fishing for 20 bucks in gas, I used to have a boat now im stuck on the bank and it drives me nuts
  9. I wasn't in the tournament but I pulled one about 30 yards off the camp launch ramp using a yellow eerie dearie tipped with a crawler. Made my day. Didn't measure it but I'd say 30-32 inches.
  10. Winning weight was around 12.5 big bass 3.5