Mosquito Ice

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    Wow!!!! What a fantastic ice fishing season so far this year. Usually everything starts at the Southend, but not so this year.
    We are hearing so many good reports--Limits on the Northend by the buoy line. I heard there were at least 50 shantys there yesterday.
    Ice is Good --Fishing is Good and the fishermen are friendly and excited.(What more can we ask for?) God sure answered my prayers.
    They are buying Jiggin Rapalas--Vib-es---Sonars---Kastmasters and Swedish Pimples. Our supply is down, but we have an order coming in by Wednesday.
    Doing pretty good on crappies and perch also.
    For being so cold this winter -the fishing sure is HOT HOT HOT!
    I have never had such fun working through a winter before.
    We have minnows, maggots, waxworms, nightcrawlers and and for the 1st time ever ,we are selling MOUSIES.
    Our hours are 6:30 a.m.--6:00 p.m Monday --Friday
    6:00 a.m.--6:00 p.m. Saturday--Sunday
    Great start to a new year!!! Thank You All!! See ya soon, Linda
  2. You should be the one we thank. You have the ONLY bait store in Ohio that gives a report for us. Without that were would one begin. I would think that the rain we got screwed up the southend. Before the ice began. Water abit stained. We are happy for ya! Tanks!