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  1. does anyone have a fishing report for mosquito? I had some buddy's go out earlier in the week,good ice on north end but not great fishing.Just wondering if south end is good and where the eyes are at.Please let me know
  2. From what i have read it is around 6" on the north side. On the southside it is 3-5" close to the dam the thinner the ice.

  3. Go to Hard Water Discussions there are a couple of good reports on Mosquito there...C.L...
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  4. eyepod.barnes

    eyepod.barnes catch me outta Bula.. how bout dat

    the ice on the bouy line is only 3 inches and crossing the presure crack is hairy watched a few people go in yesterday. peple of the perch i hear you need to carry a spare key in yor wallet lol . i guess my brother gave you a ride yesterday:)
  5. Hello All, It been a long winter ,and i really enjoyed my time off, and now were back. We opened up yesterday. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and hoping this will be a very Happy New Year for you.
    Here's the fishing and ice report that we've been hearing:
    3-4 plus inches on the Northend at the bouy line. they are catching limits of nice size walleyes. They are using vib-es- jigging rapalas- swedish pimples and Kastmasters.
    I also heard they were catching some crappies and walleyes near the the rt.305 bridge. So get on out here. Be careful though, I heard there are some pressure cracks on the North end. BE SMART AND SAFE!
    With the temperatures being in the single digits for the coming week---next weekend should be awesome.
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    Soooooooooo glad to see you back. I know the members are also.
    Glad you enjoyed the time away, you deserve a break. But now- Back to work! :D Keep the reports coming. Hope to get up there this year for a few days. Looking forward to stopping by and chating also.
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    Was there yesterday, fishing near the bridge area off the causeway. Lots of shove ice there. Was hard to find open water beneath your holes. Have to go out farther next time. Matt, remember to take a spare set of keys anytime you're coming out. I learned the same way you did.:p
    Linda, if i'd have known you were open, i'd have stopped by to say hello. Welcome back from vacation.
  8. Welcome back LINDA ...Will stop in the next time I am up your way...A lot of the OGF's looking for bait up there...Now they know ,,,go to the Causway Bait & Tackle...Keep us up to date on the ICE......Jim.....
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  9. Glad too hear from ya Linda! I know Ill be cominup your way next weekend. Good cold nights with sunny days ahead. Also was wondering what kinda of live bait youll have? Thanks much!!!!!!!
  10. We Have Minnows --wax Worms--maggots-- And Night Crawlers.
    See Ya Soon, Linda
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    Was at Mosquito yesterday and after hearing too many people going swimming, I decided to go to another area. l met eyepod yesterday as he was heading back out near the pressure crack.....good to meet ya. We went down near the cemetery (4.5")and only got into alot of tiny perch. No problem tho, it was great to get out for the first time this season. Will be up there again soon. The ice should be great by this weekend. Stopped at Linda's but she wasn't in....
  12. Just a caution to everyone this *&^%$%^ snow is now insulating the ice.
    A lot of this beautiful cold weather is going to go to waste. Kinda hard for ice to form with 8+ inches of snow laying on top of it.

    Do not let the upcoming week fool you into that its firm everything up. Guys are even falling thru ponds. I have the urge as bad as anyone but am going to wait until its a little safer.
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    That last big blast of snow had alot of wetness to it.I drilled a couple holes Friday at my honey hole just to get an idea of the ice thickness.Under the snow the ice was only 3 inches thick and very wet on top.With the high winds 20-30mph and cold temps coming this week I'm hoping the ice will be in much better shape than last weekend.Lets keep those fingers crossed.I need an ice fix real bad............Mark
  14. fished the north end yesterday afternoon. alot of water and shmoo on top of the good 3-4in. of good ice. not to much snow. it should freeze up nice with this cold snap coming. saw some walley caught but none for my son or myself. watch out for the stress crack everybody is talking about. they had a few planks across it yesterday but still a little scary. KEEP IT ON TOP!!!!!
  15. I'm headed out to the North end in a couple hours to fish until dark.I will post a report tomorrow.We went saturday and like most of you I didn't like the stories of people going for a swim so we went out of 305.Great ice but no fish.Hopefully that pressure crack is a little safer, I will let you all know(hopefully)
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    Yes, do let us know. For someone like myself, it's an hour drive!! Will be back up there this weekend though regardless of the fishless reports!
  17. eyepod.barnes

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    i fished yesterday and the snow was about gone the weight of the snow pushed the ice down and let the water come up there were a few slushy spots still but im sure there froze up by now i live in lordstown and we got bout 4 inches of new snow today and skeeter usually gets a lil more so...... i think im headin out tomorrow so i,ll let u all know