Mosquito Ice Fishing

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    I know it's really early, but looking at the post about Causeway Sporting Goods being closed in Nov. and Dec. got me thinking about it. I've never gone ice fishing before and was wondering what the easiest way for a newbie to go ice fishing is and where the best places to do so are at Mosquito??
  2. Me and a friend of mine are also looking into ice fishing for the first time this winter.

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    mosquito, just north of the causeway for crappie, just north of the rt 305 ramp for walleye early have always been good for me. odnr dropped structure(xmas trees and pallets) last few years, those should be great spots to start. i think the causeway bait had maps of where the drops were, check with them. fish a minnow just above it and you should catch em. i will caution you, mosquito is shallow and warms up fast. i have had some problems breaking thru on the edge when ive tried to leave after a nice warm, sunny day. mainly the east shore either early or late in the season. if nobody out theres, you shouldnt go out either if your not experienced in safe ice traveling. im pretty sure we have an ice fishing forum here on the site, search it and you'll learn more than you'll ever need. good luck and be safe, a few fish arent worth you life.
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    Last year Bigdaddy did an ice fishing overview @ gander mountain 1 night. I havent heard if he is going to do it again this year or not but im guessing he will. I would highly recomend it, its free and he really does a great presentation on getting ya started ice fishing. He also goes over a lot of saftey issues that I would have never though of had I not attended.