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  1. Hi everyone....Wondering if anyone knows the conditions of Mosquito or Pymie...Ice/no ice. Boat is already up for winter so I am looking to possibly hit the causeways. Brand new to site. I have watched the site for a couple years now but was just able to join with a address. I am looking forward to helping everyone out as much as I have been helped already. I fish at Pymatuning alot for bass and crappie. Frequent Mosquito often also. Thanks for the help in advance....Will save me a 45 minute drive if they are unfishable.

  2. Cannt help you much with those lakes. Bait shops would be good start.

    Welcome to the site.....its a good place... but you must know that already.
  3. Hey new B! Skeeter should be open after the rain we got coming. Water was clear and full.
  4. Thanks alot for the help guys....I called Causeway bait & tackle at Mosquito....No answer. None of the bait shops answered at Pymie either. I did get the number to a "bait shop" called Wally's off the website. When they answered I asked if they were the bait shop. They told me that they were a strip club. Must have their number listed in the wrong section. They were able to tell me that the lake was open on the causeway. This was definitely a first for me. Strip club for fishing reports.
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    There's a ton of one-liners just itching to be typed into this post...But this is a family site ;)

  6. Didnt know they had Stripers in Pymy!!:D Fishing Pymy and Skeeter is one in the same. If one is froze so is the other. Skeeter had 3in. in spots. Should be good too go by the weekend. If you can stand the cold.
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    There was no ice @ berlin or milton today if that helps at all.
  8. Didn't go to Mosquito or Pymie....Checked out some small Erie tribs. Blown out and muddy. Dropped a line in one. No fish caught. Saw some rolling though.