Mosquito has just about had it!

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  1. We have less than six inches of ice left now. With all the cold weather over the past few days it never built even an inch more. It was shatering like glass as you walked across today on my way in. It was kinda scarry to be out there at times. The ice looks to be homeycomb now. With all that clear ice and no snow cover what so ever to protect it I think it is working like a magnifying glass and heating the water under it. The wind seemed to keep it from locking back up around the south side of the causeway. You may get another couple days in but thats about it. this next warm up should do it in. I had a great ice season and met a lot of new friends caught a lot of fish. Life is good. I didn't post this to scare anyone but to make a cautious decision. Good luck and be safe.
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    A buddy just called and said 2 guys went thru at the pressure crack. Any truth to it. Last time i was there still had 7" ice and that was 5 days ago.

  3. I was there sun. and had a good 7" of ice. Was gonna go tom in the a.m.......
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    Its about time!:) Come on open water!!!:Banane26:
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    Yikes, that sucks. I was looking for one more day this week. May just hang it up. Had a good year a skeeter compared to previous winters. The sun is a little more powerful now, and the cold nights may not be enough. Ended the season well on Saturday. Tons of nice crappies and a few eyes as well. Good times!! Hope it all blows out real quick now!!
  6. I was out today along with Dfrenzy, and as I walked back to my truck, I also declared it my last steps on mosquito for the was definitely scary as he said, you'd take a step and all around you the ice would spider crack out like a windshield hit by a rock.

    A guy did go in at the shove/pressure crack yesterday, he had just left the bait shop after warming up when I got there. The crack was considerably worse today. I was unable to return this evening at the same place I crossed this morning...I saw the track marks where people had gone and where I had gone earlier, however the ice was milky and looked slushy much farther from the crack now, and when I got close there was water on the ice/a puddle..I backed up and walked along the shove until I saw a more suitable crossing place...crossed my fingers and took the big step. I left when there was still some light because I was worried about the crack. There were still plenty of folks out there, and in low light conditions I can definitely believe people went in today..they could have simply followed the tracks like I did, but kept going.. Be careful if you guys go out tomorrow!!
  7. One guy went in in the morning and another in the afternoon. They are both alright.
    Please be careful!!!!!! We don't want to end an excellent ice fishing year with a tragedy!!!!! Thanks, linda
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    I was north on the bouy line this morning. Parked in the lot on the west side. Open water down the center was just south of the bouy line. Ice was cracking and popping like crazy. I did manage a limit of walleyes by 8:30 but was going to leave anyway. I felt a lot better when I was standing in the parking lot. Next trip will be with the waders.