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Mosquito Friday 4/13

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mosquito walleye, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Is going to be too nice of a day to not take vacation at work and hit up Mosquito. Anyone else going to be on the water in the warm weather? Heading for the shallows on Friday morning and throwing everything I got at them. Going to be on the south end. Will be my first time out on Mosquito this year, taking a break from mother Erie.
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  2. I'm hoping to get out. Still need to ready my boat. Was getting it ready and the tilt and trim wouldn't work. Put fluid in it and it was leaking out the top seal. Just rebuilt it and got it together this week. Going to go over everything else and be ready for Friday. I'll be out there after work. So about 4:30ish till dark. I'll be drifting or trolling. Might try casting the shallows.
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  3. I’m thinking half day of work Friday too. Gonna try to make it out to Mosquito.
  4. twistedcatfish1971

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  5. I should be out on the boat Saturday
  6. Yeah, last I saw was out of the south at 10 to 20. I’ll stay at the south end if that’s the case.
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  7. Buddy and I are going Saturday. We've never been what do they like?
  8. No you won't, you'll be hung over! o_Oo_O
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  9. I like seeing the wind like it's supposed to be. I usually have much better luck on Mosquito with the wind blowing like crazy. I am always on Erie, so the waves don't bother me one bit. I just wish it was more of a west wind instead of south to beat that eastern shoreline.
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  10. If I am trolling, nothing beats flicker shads #5 and #7 (Usually perch or shad color works best for me). If I am casting toward the shore, I usually like to use Jr. Thundersticks and swim baits.
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  11. Hey I know where you can get those flicker shads in yellow perch
  12. ezbite

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    now you're just braggin'o_O

    don't forget mine tonight.
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  13. I think I know where as well!! I have so many flickers but I usually can always use a couple more. You can't ever have too many....
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  14. I’ll be hungover tomorrow for my 8am class! Haha
  15. i hear theres a tourney saturday,look out for the bass guys
  16. buckeyebowman

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    I've found that a SW wind is the best. We've had many a great day on the north end, or the northern part of the south end, with that wind.
  17. your avatar gives me a hint where you forage!
  18. brad crappie

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    Crappie tourney to sat
  19. I agree!!! and the people that stay far south end up missing out on what could have been if they actually moved toward the waves. The Terrova is a dream in the wind to hold my position.
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  20. Anyone know the water temps at mosquito?

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