Mosquito Egg Collection

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  1. Now I gotta tell you, sometimes I hate my job.

    Today was NOT one of those days! ;) Everything went FLAWLESSLY. The rains held off, there were a TON of walleye, and it was VERY interesting to see how the guys from the Div. of Wildlife collected the eggs. They were making saugeye today!

    That was one of the most interesting stories I've done. There are some BIG walleye in Mosquito... and Northerns, and crappie, and gills, and catfish... Saw them ALL today!

    Amazing fishery. That's for sure. I only regret I only have 1:25 to tell the story. There's so much going on. They're going to stock 17-20 million walleye all over the state this year, that I do know. Plus, they've figured out a way to treat the eggs that takes care of any VHS issues the USFWS may be worried about. COOL STUFF!

    I have a few pix I need to edit and post, but teh video portion is done and I will post it in a little while.

    Thanks Matt and the rest of the guys from District 3, plus all the hatchery teams for allowing me to tell the story. It's far from perfect, but I think it conveys what you do in a general sort of way.
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    That sounds like a great thing to watch Carl. !%

    I'm looking forward to watching the video. :B

  3. I went out with DNR about 2-3 years ago and helped them with the egg collection at mosquito. Big Daddy's right, it's is a lot of fun and very interesting. The number of walleye was shocking, especially the ones in the 25"-29" range. So we know they're in there. The part I found the most interesting was how the sauger they used for the milt were only 8"-10" long.
  4. Here you go... The computer folks at work are on the video upload issue... I'm trying...



  5. :) ..BigDaddy....Sounds like a project that all of us would have enjoyed being on....Can't wait for further Posts about your egg gathering excursion... Must be nice to have a job like yours...Lot of big eye's up there .....Put Mosquito back on my..must do this year list....Thank You...
    BigDaddy...Soon as I posted this reply...There you were with your story....And Great video...Now after watching that video does'nt give you the fever there is nothing that will...NICE EYES
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  6. It's there! WHOOPPEE!

    I only scratched the surface... I mean they were fertilizing eggs right there, this time making saugeye, PLUS they were treating the eggs with iodine to put a stop to any VHS anyone would be worried about. There has been extensive reseach that shows treating eggs with iodine stops VHS, so there may be hope... We'll see what the Feds say...

    They collect quart after quart of eggs... they were hoping for close to 100 quarts TODAY alone! It was very interesting.

    The fry produced will go to lakes all over... Walleye to Mosquito, Berlin, and others... Saugeye to lakes further South... It was cool to see. 17 to 20 million fry... That's a lot of toothy critters...
  7. Nice story and video. Good job Big Daddy.
  8. That is awesome, would have been sweet to see all about how it is done, nice report.
  9. I moved this here to The Lounge... ODNR was collecting walleye eggs at Mosquito the last week or so... Should wrap up this weekend. They are working at teh State Park Ramp, South end of the lake.

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    great story.
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    great story carl , i forgot all about it . i was curious about collecting eggs from mosquito's????
  12. Great Story. Love the fact that I can watch the video on my PC.
  13. .....COmmodore 64 Said it all ...Thank You Carl for getting the video on the OGF program for all to see....Have watched it 3 times ... enjoyed it more each time....those nets full of big fish were very impressive....I'm ready to go fishing.....
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