Mosquito- Early Spring ???

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  1. Hello all...
    I was just curious if it would be worth the hour or so drive out to Mosquito for crappie or walleye during the last week or two of March? As well as what techniques might prove to be worthwhile. I have only been there once, about 5 years ago with my dad, and was hoping to find a place to try while I was on spring break from college. Thanks in advance.
  2. Fished it right after ice out..last of march a few times and had a great catch of Crappies and Walleyes...So if you want and can give it a try...May be the best fishing you will do this year......Jim.....

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    Mike, im in solon (hour drive up) and fish mosquito often. tactics which have been proven effective for walleye are trolling cranks or sometimes harnesses on either 3 way rigs or leadcore. also, later into spring drifting or pitching jigs with minnows is good for some eyes, but also crappie as well. a method i dont hear much about but have success with is casting cranks (i like Wally Divers or Shad Raps) near points or drop offs and making continuous passes through the same spots. hope this helps and good luck,
  4. Thanks for the help and advice. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I will be able to make it out there a time or two while I am home on spring break.
  5. Yeah right after ice out is my favorite time at mosquito. I fish from shore on the 88 causeway or at the dam. Its cold and windy but great walleye fishing!
  6. I grew up on Mosquito... lived about 5 minutes from the lake.

    You'll be lucky if the ice is off the lake by that time this year. BUT, if it is don't forget to go up to the North end and look for some Pike. Ice out is prime time for Pike, and there are still some big ones in there.

    My Dad tells me about one day he was pushing chunks of ice out of his way, but he could litterally see them stacked up like firewood in the shallow bays on the North end.
  7. hilltop..... just curious how you fish for walleye at this time of year? jigging? casting? thanks.
  8. Mosquito can be very rewarding right at iceout. I have had great days with chunks of ice floating, jigging big minnows on big jigs, 22' of water on major breaklines. If you want to do the evening/dark bite, find an isolated ROCKY point or shore, and cast jigs and minnows. It is a small window in the evening, if you live close, it is rewarding. Otherwise, I would vertical jig under the boat on major breaks, time of day is not important. I have fished Mosquito since 1960.
  9. I cast from the causeway with a small rapala or at the state park beach. I dont have a boat and this is about the only time I can get em from the shore. I hope this helps, some old timer showed me this a couple of years ago and yes there is a small window at night but when they start biting its worth being in the cold
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    dont forget to put on the waders, get you a bucket full of large minnys, a bunch of white jigheads and hit those points or sunken roadbeds an hour or 2 before dark. you can get them in the morning too, but i do much better before dark, plus the air is usually warmer that time of day.
  11. I waded Mosquito for walleye a ton last year. I'll have to check the exact dates in my log book (it's at my parents house) but we fished almost directly after ice out through the spring. First 3 or 4 weeks of trips we were skunked. I want to say it was mid april before we started really getting into them. Then end of april through may it was killer from about an hour before dark till an hour after dark. That was just my experience.