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  1. Mosquito Lake Marina will be open Starting on Friday March 21, Once the ice is off the lake we will try and give daily fishing reports on here and on our web site. Hope all you anglers have a safe and good fishing year
  2. Thanks Joe and Kathy for providing this service! Gus and I will see you in a few days, I HOPE, for some lively minnows. If you donot know, they are located in the state park, and also provide GOOD food at certain times. They are not related to me!!! Just good people!!!

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    Just wondering as Mosquito is somewhat new to me, where is the state park, on the W side? Or is it on the SE side?
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    Thanks Joe,
    I used that one once with another friend of mine, also name Joe. Didn't even remember how to get to it.(saved links!) I always used the one due east of that. Never a boat or trailer at the one I use either, I guess everyone says the water is too shallow. Come ice though, that's the one that everybody seems to use. And since these people are good enough to post daily or weekly reports, I think I'll use that ramp when I go. Does anyone know how late in the evening you are allowed there? Some want ya out by 9pm...
  5. One thing about fishing beyond 11pm. Your on your own! They dont like waders out late and you got to be fishing if your in the boat ramp areas. Other than that the sheriff's patrol each Ohio ramp from time too time. I think they got sick of running my plate.:D They do take down every plate # in the ramp as they do they're last rounds.(Rangers)
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    Works for me. Thanks!
  7. Me and my fishing partner were at the marina Sunday afternoon to check on the status of the ice and it still seemed pretty thick. Bass tournament there on 4/19 is still quite a bit away but would love to get out there and get some practice in.
  8. the rain melted alot of the ice,but still alot on the lake.the water level is definatly high.the damn is open a little bit but with the water level high every where,im sure there going to hold the lake back a bit.should be a week or so before the lake is open.
  9. Thanks for the update, cant wait to stop by for some cheddar fries and a burger after a long day on the water.:D
  10. Lot of ice melted over night,more open water then yesterday. The ramps are still iced in. The water level came up about 2 feet over night. The ramp on the courtesy dock at the marina is under about 2 feet of water
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    Walley1........Thanks for your current post......sure let's us, " further aways," help keep tabs on the ever changing events of the day......well appreciated....... Jon Sr.
  12. Well alot more open water appeared yesterday. There was one boat that launched from the st rt 88 ramp. Had to bust through about 50 yards of ice to get to open water. About a 1/4 mile of water is open on the south side of the causeway. One wader at Walnut run yesterday afternoon. alot of open water there also. and there where 4 guys fishing at the open water at the tower by the damn. Didnt hear of anyone catching anything, The ramps at the state park and at the marina are still iced in. Now with another winter blast, this lake just doesnt want to play nice this year.. We will let you guys know when ODNR put the nets out. we will get an update from them at the shop everyday on how they are producing
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    Thanks for the updates walleye1.
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    Hey Joe,
    Keep the updates coming, and Thanks :)
  15. Not much activity today at the lake. A little more open water but a lot more snow then yesterday. One day we will be able to fish if mother nature gives us a break
  16. Fished causeway today from 2:00 pm to about 6:00 pm. Minnows, tubes, marabous, roadrunners. Choppy side, bridge, calm side, by the boat ramp on the causeway. Not a single hit. about 10 other guys fishing too. Didn't see any other fish taken. Couple more weeks and it will hopefully turn on.
  17. More open water today. 2 guys wading at walnut Run, 2 guys fishing a small amount of open water at the break wall in the marina. About a mile of open water south of the causeway. The ramp still has a thin layer of ice about 50 yards out. The state park launch ramps are still iced in. Was at the marina all day today and could hear and see the ice shifting all day. Thats a good sign. Hopefully by next weekend its all gone
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    Walley1 and buckipicker....... Thanks guys..........for your info... sure helps out, on driving up or not............wont be long now..............Jon Sr......
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    Thanks Walley1

    Hopeing the ice is gone this weekend. Would love to get out and blow the dust off the boat. Keep us posted