Mosquito Crappie

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    I'm back and once again I'm asking more crappie questions. I'm considering going Crappie fishing this weekend from the causeway at Mosquito lake. Are there Crappie to be caught there? I know Crappie suspend off the bottom so I have a few question. First, how deep is the water at the causeway and second how deep should I set my slip bobber. I'd like for me and my son to catch a couple slabs for the freezer. Are there any other species to be caught off the causeway? Thanks in advance for all the help and replies.
  2. I spent last weekend at my camper on Mosquito Lake. Saturday afternoon, I had to run across the causeway to Cooks (grocery store). While going across the causeway, I saw a pair of fishermen walking down the side of the road. Each one had a fish basket filled approximately 1/4 of the way up with crappies.

    If you fish near, or under the bridge, it can get about 22 feet deep. The rest of the causeway, within casting distance, you're probably looking at around 4-6 feet deep.

    I've seen every fish that swims the lake caught off of the causeway; crappie, walleye, pike, catfish, white bass, and carp.