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    i just got back from the causeway and is it just me or is mosquito lakes water getting clearer??? i could see bluegills and largemouth bass swimming 15 to 20 feet off the causeway. i caught a tree limb with probably 50 zebra mussles attached to it last year. im thinking thats what is cleaning the water. that lake should be tore up after a holiday weekend. its clearer than ive ever saw it:confused:
  2. mosquito is getting alot clearer, especialy with a few days of no wind, i remember about 5 years, when i would fish in the weeds in the 6ft depth i would never be able to see the bottom, now i can see my jig on the bottom, i also saw that at milton this past weekend, was in 5 ft of water and saw blugills swimming near the bottom

  3. Mosquito is by far the clearest I've ever seen it! I was at the causeway yesterday and the clarity was unreal, probably could see down 6-7 feet. The entire lake is MUCH clearer than it was say 2 years ago. Also I've never seen so many carp cruising around the causeway bridge in 15 feet of water! Mosquito is changing, zebra mussels are a big factor.
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    It's the zebra mussells alright. I've had quite a few on my line while drift fishing tightline. Even took a picture of them. If i can find it, i'll post it.
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    the carp are spawning they pushed out all the cats i was catching
  7. Last time I was there it seemed the west side of the lake was muddy, and the east side was clear. If stays that clear it's gonna fill in with weeds!!!
  8. The water clarity is super clear on the east side. I could see the bottom in 6 feet of water. Hung up a bunch of zebra's also. Those weeds are going to grow in 10 feet of water! The west side was dirty from the carp and cats. The walleyes were in there also.
  9. I've spent the past 2 weekends at Mosquito bass fishing. The water is a little dirtier on the north end. During the B.A.S.S weekend series boater couldn't believe the difference in clarity from north to south.

    As for the carp...I can't believe the numbers and size of the fish in that lake!! I don't know what effect they have on other species...but I can't imagine it's a positive one if there are 500+ carp in a single bay.
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    Definately clearer. One day out last spring we were fishing off the white crane in 21 fow. The water was clear blue! We were watching flatheads swim up below us and cruise around, easily visible 10 feet down. A cool experience.
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    No doubt getting clearer.

    I used to use fire tiger, bright orange and chartreuse lures and jigs. Now my best lures are natural patterns, chrome or gold.

    A few calm days and it’s amazing how clear the water gets.