Mosquito Cemetary Friday Night

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  1. Waded the cemetary for about 2 hours before dark to about an hour after. I had a few perch, only one of any size, and a few small crappie. I did have several really decent hits jigging, but they were either all short striking or I'm just rusty. Water was relatively warm, i'd say low to mid 50's. maybe the eyes will start picking up soon. Another thing: Those are the first perch I have ever caught out of skeeter. Did they stock them recently or something?
  2. ahah yea right skeeter is full of perch no size but full of the go crappy fishing the coves and you will see what i am talking about like every 3perch=1crappy well at least for me but when i go out on the main lake never caught a single perch in the main lake that i can rember i probly have just cant think right now

  3. There are filet size perch in Mosquito, there was a pic of a 14 1/2" posted on this board. I have caught a number of bonus keeper perch, over the last 3 years. They like Hot N Tots.
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    two weeks ago there were quite a few perch caught off the south causeway,as there were crappie being caught,and they were decent size to..