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  1. Caught this Catfish yesterday at Mosquito. 10lb. Test Dropshotting for bass. I think it's a flathead. Took me 25 minutes to get to the boat. Another boater was nice enough to come over and use my net to net it. My 7 year old daughter tried 4 or 5 times but kept missing him. What a fight!!! My arm was ready to fall off after I got him in the boat. I will try to post some pics!!!

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  2. Yes, they are fun. I bet yout daughter was just plain scared!! She will have a good story!! Have not caught one this year on a Hot N Tot, but they really like them. They are very good to eat, in my opinion. They are a great fish, worthy of the table or a picture and release.

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    yep it's a flathead
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    NICE Flathead! I was told two years ago that i caught the record for Mosquito (@Monty's), it was a 64 lb. flathead. I caught it at the bouys on the north end trolling for walleye. The funny thing about it is there are guys at pikie bay that target these bigs cats and catch them on a regular basis. I ended up releasing mine, and the following week they held the catfish tourney. (Guy said you should of seen the one they released here last week) :) and showed the photo in fish an field (It was me) DoooH!!!!
  6. That's a huge flathead! great job, i've been trying to catch one like that for years, specifically targeting them and I haven't had such luck. My hat off to you !