Mosquito bait????

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  1. Guys,

    I'm going to give Mosquito a try tomorrow (1/9). Does any one know where the nearest baitshop to the lake is? I remember something about Causeway bait closing for part of the winter. I tried the phone # but there's no answer. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Someone posted Linda's (Causeway) is closed till Jan 15th or so.
    The other baitshop is on the road the SW boat ramp is on. I think it is SR 305 or Wilson Sharpsville Rd on the north side of the road. Cross SR5 from the boatramp and it a few hundered yards on your left (north). I think it is called Lakeside.
    The other one I know of is on the west side of the causeway (SR88) at the NE corner of the intersection of SR88 and Hoagland Blackstub Rd.

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    Good directions Mike...and your right on with Lakeside and the other your thinking of is Monty's ...........
  4. Guys,

    Thanks for the replies.

  5. i dont know if you guys remember mosquito gun and takle but someone reopened it it called moms market it on st rt 305 west of the state park entrance about 1 mile. they have minnows, meal worms, last time i was there they didnt have maggots. they have very very!! little fishing supplies. minnows are priced 1.99/dozen this place is more of a little grocey store. dont remember if the store across from the campground entrance sells bait, they might have worms and maggots
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    Mom's Market is west of the state park.
  7. You going up there this weekend Dave? Ill be on it tommorrow morning and ALL day sat.
  8. oh yea brain fart i just started working midnights again must of been half asleep
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    I'm going to try to get out. Probably south end.
  10. We stopped at causeway this morning at 7 and got bait and a few jiggin spoons so they are open at least thet were this morning.
  11. Has anyone talked to Linda as to what her day's and hours are going to be.......Jim......
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