mosquito area motels?

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  1. I am going to be fishing the Mosquito madness tournament this May and needed some info on any motels that are in the area. To far to drive home for the night in between tournament days. Any help would be great.


  2. Best Western on rt 45 off 305 about a 10 minute drive from the launch. I believe there is also an Comfort Inn.
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    Except for your moms and pops..Rt5 and Rt45 going up to Rt305 is your best choice. Good Luck.
  4. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at Rt 5 and the turnpike. Not bad, but not much room for boats.
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    The campground is very nice. I'll be there the first two weeks of May catching walleyes. Plus you can leave your boat in the water overnight.
    If you have a golden buckeye card, cost is only $12/night. Otherwise it $24/night.
  6. Just a note about staying at the campground. If you are planning on staying there, check beforehand with Nip about morning check-in. Not sure what his decision will be, it does cause us some small problems with boat checks and such when people drive their boats over. Maybe Nip will see this and post some info to keep everyone on the same page.
  7. we're booked in at the Econo for Madness '08

  8. Campground boaters...great topic!

    We are asking ALL MADNESS participants to launch from the State Park Ramp for DAY1- even those who are camping nearby.

    Your team is responsible for properly checking in with boat inspection, obtaining your numbered ball, signing a release of liability form, getting your greeting bag and getting your boat over to the bay directly South of the launch.

    This could be a "disqualifying" problem for you if not completed properly.

    There is an official OFF LIMITS period for Mosquito Lake as well.

    Any camping teams are asked to contact me prior to the event for details.

    All this information is within the rules.