Mosquito 6/30

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  1. My girlfriend and a friend of hers went fishing today for her friends birthday. I had to work and could'nt go. Neither are experienced fishermen but they did ok. They rented a boat at causewat sporting goods and headed out ( i was worried alll day). they ran out of gas and had to call the tackle shop to bring more but they ended up with to 17" channel cats and a 17" walleye. (all of which I had to clean and fillet when they got home.)!$
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    I was there today, trolling for eyes on the south end. Got nine but no keeper size. Decided to go for the bull bluegills in that lake. Fished 11ft deep brush and weeds and got 13 that were over 8"s, with a dozen more throwbacks. Drifted a black ant tipped with a waxworm, close to bottom. Also got a crappie. Filleted them up and fryed them for dinner tonight. Should have kept a couple eyes to go with them but maybe i'll catch some keepers next time.

  3. Glad to hear they had some luck! That can be a tough lake for the inexperienced.
    C-man, IMO Mosquito is the best(BIG) bluegill water in NE Ohio! I once got some that hit a CP Swing with half a crawler and had all three of the hooks on the treble IN THEIR MOUTH! You could not get your hand around them sideways but had to hold them across the top of their backs. They were SPAWNING in 8-10 FEET of water on the deep edge of a MID-LAKE weedbed!