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Mosquito 5/23

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Bapenn, May 24, 2004.

  1. Headed out to Mosquito yesterday. It was more like lake Erie. Very gusty south wind had the lake kicked up to about 2 footers toward the causeway. I got out about 3pm and drifted the road bed with a couple bites but nothing boated. Then anchored at the bridge by the cemetary a picked up some nice channel cats and a bass on dug worms in 24ft of water. Also boated about five nice slabs on the edge of the bridge with a chartruse tripple ripple. I was also jigging with night crawlers and leached and caught about 15 really small walleye. I mean real small like 6 inches. Finally got one in the cooler that went 18in. About dark I moved to the causeway and tied to the bridge and hung lanterns and caught 6 big white bass. All six were 15in. I don't like eating them but I sure don't mind catching those fighters. All and all a decent day even though I really couldn't get into the crappie. Water level is up so anyone that usually can get under the causeway forget about it for a couple of days. A little difficult launching but not bad.

  2. Seaturd

    Seaturd Catcher of Fish

    Bapenn, I was out on Mosquito Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday for about 3 hrs in the middle of the day. Fishing was really slow, we boated one decent walleye of about 16" trolling in 16' and one 13" throwback. Caught a few crappies, a big perch that went in the livewell, several white bass and channel cats. One of the cats was 5-6 lbs and had me all fired up hoping it was a walleye. We couldn't keep the cats off our jigs and worms and also caught one on a wally diver. Definitely rough out there Sunday afternoon.