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  1. After a cold futile attempt to catch a Pike this morning, I stopped at the State Park to watch the Fisheries people in action. If you have a chance, it is worth the visit. I talked to Phil Hillman and learned a great deal that I did not know before. The pic is of one of MANY large females that were being stripped of their eggs to aid in the stocking program of Saugeyes.
  2. nice fish thats for the report . that would be cool to see

  3. I'm planning on heading either to Skeeter or Berlin on Friday to do a story on the process for WKYC Outdoors, if I can coordinate with the Div. of Wildlife folks...
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    To cool Thanks John for the pic;s .
    I tried to catch them on Saturday but just missed them .Always wanted to watch them pull in the nets.
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    Luredaddy.......thanks for the pic............nice to see that there are still walleyes like that, for the guys to catch....All the talk of "cigars and dinks", goes to show just what their (ODNR) efforts can help produce.... Sorry, no luck with the trip.....good fishin.....Jon Sr.
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    Big Daddy
    I would like to see this if i may. Could you shoot me a pm if you can on what time they may be there. Couldn't make the Skeeter trip but Berlin would be a possibility. I understand if this info can't be given out .
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    The state guys were pulling the trapnet by the causeway Saturday morning between 8:00AM and 9:00AM.
    It was cool to see all those hogs in the net.
  8. I haven't heard back yet, but once I get the story done, I'll post the link here.

    I know it'll be in teh AM on Friday if I can get it coordinated.
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    that fish must of came from erie, everyone knows skeeter only has thanks for the pic. i have not been able to make it out this year. think i'll go check out the net pull at the causeway on saturday.

    hey george, you loan those guys your rain gear.hehehe!:C
  10. ...Glad to see there are walleye's that big up there yet...Have to make a few trips up to Mosquito this year...I guess the lake still has potential...I do know it holds some slab crappie....Thank's for the report...
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  11. Man a neat picture!!!!!!!!!

    I went last night casting the rocks. I got only one about 16 inches. He was milking alot. I only saw two sets of splashing in 3 hours. Still a bit early I think. It will blast off very very soon. Only about four guys casting the south end. Water clarity was nice! After tomorrow I think!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I would be wading the southend now. The DNR is getting more fish from walnut south right now because the water temps have been higher down the lake. It should change soon as the winds have shifted and shoud push the warth north tward the causeway. I am going to start wading this weekend, it should pick up soon.