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Mosquito 1/6

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Eyewall, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. 85D7EA5E-1EDE-443D-8DDA-10A57E9AF338.jpeg Fished Mosquito today , started about noon. Kept 4 decent eyes, lost another decent one at hole, put 3 small ones back. A few nice crappie also. Perch Vibe was best.
  2. What general area on the lake? My buddy and I are out here now, and we're only getting dink perch!

  3. South of causeway in stump fields.
  4. Son, Nathan & I hit the NW corner of Mosquito today., North of Rattlesnake Island. Fished 8am-4pm. Lots of shanties. Parking was at a premium. 7-8ft of water. Didn't mark very many fish in our area despite moving 8x. No walleyes. Only caught 3 Crappies: All on Natural Color Lures... Tiger Vibe, Copper Swedish Pimple & Lil Cleo. 1-11", 1-12" & 1-14". Very tough 3/4 mile pull bc of the snow. The wind was a'whippin too. The drag kicked our arses for sure. Beautiful fishery. Heard a guy caught a 5lb eye near us. Wonderful time ice fishing in the shanty John 2 Skeeter Crappie Jan 5 2018.jpeg Nathan 14in Skeeter Crappie Jan 6 2018.jpeg Skeeter Crappie 2 Jan 6 2018.jpeg Nathan Skeeter Crappie 1 Jan 6 2018.jpeg with my son making memories.
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  5. Thinking of hitting Skeeter again this Saturday.,Jan 13th. Uncertain where I'l drill this time. My 1st iced Walleye is still on my Bucket List
  6. hey john, can you give me an ice thickness report? going up later this week and want to know if I should hit the weight room first..... lol
  7. Driiled 10 inches of ice on Sunday South of 88 Causway Perch Bite was Speratic on Vibe and Dead stick Minnows 8 Perch 1 Walley 11ft of water
  8. Looking to make my first visit to Mosquito on Saturday, assuming the weather over the next few days does not wreck the ice too much. I usually fish with minnows or wax worms but I see a lot of guys fishing with lures. Are you tipping them with any bait? Just jigging them? Any tips are appreciated.
  9. been using both (Waxies & Minnows... and MinnowHeads) the last 2 Saturdays.., Lures have been tipped with them and bare boned too., I've caught some gills, perch & crappie, but zero Walleye bites., But don't take my word, I'm still waiting to catch my 1st eye thru the ice.
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  10. I think John is short changin ya! I’ve fished everywhere on that lake and found 10-12” just about everywhere. I’m always interested in knowing how thick so I stick the scoop to bottom of hole and check it
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  11. i thought I was the only one who used the ol scoop tape....but it works
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  12. Havoc


    Was on the north end this morning .4 miles out just before second buoy, running north and south a good pressure crack with the warmer temps might want to check for updates. I could of crossed but I was worried about getting back across.just an fyi ,guys did cross but That crack happened sometime last night was out all day yesterday ,crack was not there 530 last night.
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  13. Havoc


    No problem , I was by myself and won't take a chance
  14. bigeyurk, you were right. the bite is tough, hit the go to spot I told you about and wow 6 keeper gils and 3 perch in 3 hours. but im not done will hit it again things have to inprove..... cant get no worse
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  15. Havoc:
    Good decision not to cross the ice break at Skeeter.. especially since you were solo. I would've done the same thing... especially since I already went swimming once already this season at PLX on Dec 16th. Luckily I got out, but had a bunch of buddies near me if I needed help.