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    Made plans to meet up with Leadcorebean at Ladue around 4, but it was too nice so we ditched work and hit the ice around 1. Planned on going to Ladue, but the baitshop was closed so off to Mosquito we went. We fished the North end targeting Walleye. LCB picked one pretty quick and got another one a little bit later, all I could catch were Perch and Crappie. I got my new PB Crappie too, it was around 12 or 13", just measured it with my ice guage. I know they get alot bigger, but not for me untill today. Wouldn't of caught it without the Vex, it came cruising by about 4' down, lifted up the jiggin rap and it turned RED, BAM!! Ice was pretty good, I'd say 4-5" of good clear stuff and a couple inches of crust on top of that. Pressure crack was fine to pass over too. Thanks for the trip Bret, we'll have to do it again! I wish it was closer to home, took almost 90 minutes to get home :( Here's a pic of the Crappie..

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  2. Im planning on going up in the am. How is the the water clarity up there? Nice crappy too!!!!!!

  3. Nice crappie. When I was there friday I picked up about a 14" eye close to 5-4 foot under the ice. I thought it was a really nice crappie. Gotta love that vex.
  4. I also fished close to leadcorebean last night.I must of been on a honey hole because I landed 10 eyes and lost atleast that many.The water clarity is poor my lure is out of sight within 2'.It seems hit or miss out there.I fished the last 2 evenings the first night only landed 1 and last night was great.
  5. ParmaBass ...Did they have much snow on top of the ice up at Mosquito...By the way realy nice crappie through the ice......Jim....
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    the amount of snow was just right!! nice easy pull.. the fish were alittle slow for me but 2 is better than none. it was good meeting u jeff sorry for the extra drive time. that crappie was huge!! if my shanty will thaw tonight ill be back out in the am..
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    hey PB nice job on the crappie. my PB crappie also came from mosquito, way down on the south end and i caught it about 9:30pm. sometimes the crappie really turn on well after dark. thats the main reason i invested all that time in my lighting system.....but i havent tried the latest set up yet.