Mosquito 1-11-09

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  1. peon

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    me and buckeye tom are gonna drive up to skeeter and fish with fish master. the drive is about 4-5 hours so it would be cool if we could get some other ogfer's
    to go also. the more the better!! so anyone good for a skeeter trip?

    SUNDAY 1-11-09
  2. ParmaBass

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  3. peon

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    i believe tom is working that day or its his wifey day one or the other .. i know he said he couldnt go sat.
  4. Looking forward to your report...
  5. ParmaBass

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    Tell him I said it was ok to go.:)
  6. peon

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    parma you sent me a pm saying its a 1+hour drive thats why you are going sat. lol we are gonna get up at 4:30 am and drive untill about 9 and fish till dark about 5 or so and then drive home getting home about 10pm and get up at 5:30 to goto work lol... you can come sunday with us lol
  7. ParmaBass

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    I got stuff to do Sunday evening, could only fish till around Noon. I can fish most of the day on Saturday, no plans! It's not my fault you guys live in Tennessee!
  8. peon

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    your worse then the old man!!! : punch :
  9. Looking good for skeeter this weekend...May have to run up there and check it out...Keep the good reports comming.....C.L...
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  10. Looks like that's where we'll be this weekend hope to meet a few OGF'ers. Hopefully the following weekend it'll be on at Piedmont.
  11. I'll be at skeeter Sat. too! Hopefully I'll see you guys there.
  12. hardwaterfan

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    im not sure i can make it sunday, ill try though. does anyone want to meet on saturday? and where/when are you guys meeting sunday.
  13. rattletraprex,reeldirty1 and I will likely make the 2+hr drive sat and/or sun...either fish south of 88 or north by bouy line...2 black "hunters veiw" shanties...say hi if ya see us!! i'll have coffee perc. most of the day if ya need a cup!!
  14. leadcorebean

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    leaving work now taking half day and going by the causeway. ill give a report tonight
  15. tomb

    tomb Tom B.

    Good luck Leadcorebean.
    Should be walking out on the south end Sat and Sun mornings w/ my brother.
    HWF: You can walk out with us if you don't have anyone to go with.
  16. Heading out myself, will be posting some info later in the evening....the wind looks to be blowing this weekend. Ill be there at Mosq. both days.....make sure to bring those ice anchors!!!!
  17. fish master

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    where you going to be at reellucky,what type of shanty? me and leadcorebean,parmabass is going to be at the north end sat, sunday me peon and buckeyetom will be back up there in the am,ill be there about 6 or 7? you might have seen my shanty its the oldest one out there cant miss it.. -fish master-
  18. still very sore...have a LONG road to recovery but its coming along...thanks for asking!! wont keep me down though!!
  19. I'm thinking about meetin yall out there might try and get mrphish and or bassmastermjb to join also. was gonna take em to my private lake but i don't think theres gonna be enough ice there. you guys gonna be around the causeway? i'll have my black frabill ice cruiser