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Mosquito (06-13-2004)

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by OH0307DP, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Fished from about 4-8pm Sunday, for the first time on this lake. Nice lake!

    First shot was a long drift from S. to N. in water varying between 10-20 ft. Marked a lot of fish between 7-13 ft., but had only one bite on a minnow.

    Next checked out the west shore and saw nothing but muddy water and a bunch of carp in the water that was overflowing into the trees and grass.

    Finally, went back up the middle and saw a couple of guys with about 4 good size walleye, so decided to try that again. Made about 3 long drifts S. to N. again and I picked up a perch and a 12" crappie. Between 7-8pm we had a few more good bites, but neither of us could connect. I had one really solid fish at the end that made a good run until the line snapped when I set the hook. That's what I deserve for using 6 lb line on an old reel with a sticky drag...
  2. Fished Mosquito this morning, had 6 nice Walleyes by 9. Trolling deep, they have been hungry for the last 3 weeks. Only 3 boats on the lake, that I saw.