mosqito creek youth hunt

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  1. anyone know how thay are doing out there. me and my son are out there next sunday
  2. My son and I also are there Sunday. Havent heard anything about it as far as sucess. Looking at the map Im wondering where to try and get to. Im assigned B5 but they say you can get reassigned if something else is open.
    Never been out there so its hard to tell.

  3. hay tm1669 never been to mosqito creek are you taking sand dont know how we well hunt or if thay set use up or help drive deer
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    I am about 20 minutes form the refuge and I have hunted there many times. You'll be assigned and area and you will be able to move freely about that area. If you want to switch they will usually let you in the afternoon. They do not drive or do anything else except sign you in and sign you out. The only thing they will do is check your deer for you. I drove through the area last week and it was pretty dry everywhere. We have had rain here for a few days so it may be a little wet. But it shouldn't be all that bad. I have never hunted the B area before, but there are deer wherever you go in the refuge area. I know that the kids haven't been doing all that well this year. I blame the hot weather for a low kill so far. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Good luck guys. Get them kids a deer.
  5. We're going to set up a ground blind in a funnel (looks like a funnel from areal photos) and see what comes buy. At least thats the morning plan. Towards noon we might get out on foot and do a little exploring. Mabey try and find some good acorn drops and set up on it. Hes all excited about his first hunt. I hope he gets to at least see a few deer.
    A little off subject but does anybody use Gogle earth and a GPS? I cant get the coordinates to match up. Im off by .4 mile.
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    I use it for reference only. I believe Google Earth will never be accurate. I read one time that in the wrong hands it could be used to plot missile attacks.
  7. 4/10ths of a mile is a long way to try and find in the woods. Especially if you dont know which way its off. Ive heard theres a file conversion or something that gets you dead nuts on. problem is I know nothing about computers or files.
    Or GPS's for that matter.
    Oh well..
  8. Little follow up for anyone else geting into Mosquito permits. We hunted B5 section all day and saw nothing. Weather killed us(85 deg and 25mph winds).
    A couple deer were taken over near the swampy area and wood duck pond.
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    I hunted it that Sunday also with my daughter. We hunted C13 and didn't see a deer all day either. I only seen 1 deer killed, but I am assumming there were a couple of more.

    I am also hunting it for Muzzleloader season. I have hunted it for the past 3 years now and I have always gotten a deer there.