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  1. When have you had the most success hunting deer?


  2. ive always got my bucks in the eve !! and does in the morning its just funny how that worked out, well today i shot a doe around 4 so it just depends,
  3. freyedknot

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    morning,or at noon when everone else is walking back for lunch and kicking up deer.
  4. It depends on the time of year for me. Early and Late season I have to say afternoon/evening.
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    i seem to do better in the evening with the bow, morning is always best during gun season.
  6. Gun season - hunt all day; the pressure will move deer at any time.

    Bow season I break into 3 sections:

    1) early season up to 3rd week in October; I prefer the mornings for the cooler temps. Personally never killed much before 3rd week, but don't hunt hard then.

    2) mid season from 3rd week in Oct until Dec; I have killed deer at all times, but if after a nice buck I still prefer mornings as I like to set up between feeding/travel areas and bedding areas - you can catch an older buck on his way back to bed sometimes, but they rarely break cover early in the evening unless breeding a doe in my experience. I actually really like the hours of 10am until noon - have killed quite a few bucks duing this time period.
    When the frenzy is running strong I hunt all day as the deer are acting stupid and will break cover any time in broad daylight.

    3) late season after the gun season. Cold weather moves in and I do NOT like morning at all. I like mid day hunts from 9-10am until dark or from 1-2 pm until dark. The deer seem to stay bedded down during the cool nights and wait for the sun to get up around 9-10 am and then get off the beds to feed.
    You have got to be careful however, as many times the deer are bedding very close to where they are feeding - they like to stay close to the food and conserve energy. They don't want to travel a 1/2 mile to eat.

    Last thing - each area can be a bit different; hunt the same area for a few seasons and pay attention to what the deer tell you and set up accordingly.

    Hope that helps!
  7. It all depends on where you hunt. I probably see a hundred deer every year in my spot and 99% of them come from sunup to 11am. I have recently quit going in the evening as for some reason where I hunt they just dont move in the evening.
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    I almost always get the ones I shoot first thing in the morning or at the end of the day just before the legal hunting day ends. Of course that is unless we are drving them!!
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    mid day during the rut