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    well I went on my first hunt today after talking to a guy this morning while fishing and the first place I stopped 10 feet from the quad I found 9 then I checked every elm tree in the wood and foundnothing else but thats not going to stop me . Is there something about elm trees or just a coincidence they grow by them
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    There is something about Elm trees but I don't know what it is. Look again in a few days, they can pop overnight.

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    Here in southeastern michigan we find alot of morels by dead elms, live ones too of course. Up in northern Michigan my friends and I find alot around the bases of ash trees. I had a guy tell me that he looks for elms that have very light pinkish or orangeish hue on the bark or trunk of the tree. He said those are the ones to key in on. Any body else ever here of that? I'm assuming the color he talks about is some other fungas or moss or something. Would be interested in knowing if anybody else has heard of this theory. Good hunting.

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    more....more....more-l what? never heard of them. :p
  5. dead elms are a good thing-along with other dead trees,i have noticed the ones with bark falling off or have fallen are good.also thick briars tend to hold yellows in my experience,i believe you think like a mushroom spore,what would hold you until your time in the right conditions.throw away your plastic bags and hunt with a mesh bag of some sort to release any spores that are still intact!it takes approximately 5 years for a spore to become a shroom!,these facts are not based on my research,but from studies i have read about.preserve this future the same as fishing,and good luck!