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Morel Reports 2017

Discussion in 'Wild Edibles' started by kayak1979, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Thought I would start a thread to see County and date for morels found so far this season. I went scouting on Monday, but didn't see anything to make me believe they would be up yet here in Geauga. One good sign for me has always been to see the Apple Blossoms blooming. Hopefully we can get some reports on the thread for a good timeline for things to sprout up!
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  2. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    Not seeing any apple blossoms yet, but forsythia are staring to come on, and finding more first bloom dandelions every day.

    I'm liking the gradual warm up we're getting. Hell! They're calling for a HIGH of 36 on Friday! It's been kind of see-sawing back and forth, but no excessive swings in temp. Plus, we're getting regular rain putting moisture in the soil.

    I remember one year when the temps were absolutely ideal. But, I swear, we didn't get a drop of rain from January till June! The morels were nowhere to be seen that year!
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  3. Shaun69007

    Shaun69007 Bag'em and Tag'em

    The blacks are up in Licking County. Found about 7 decent ones yesterday. Top of a hill behind a dead elm...
  4. AtticaFish

    AtticaFish Jiggin Freak

    Not sure if you are a member of the FaceBook fishing group, but there were several reports from the weekend. Even saw one from Seneca Co. which is pretty far North in the state.
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  5. I saw that report from around Tiffin. Guess I better start taking walks.
  6. buckeyebowman

    buckeyebowman On the back 9 and loving it!

    I'm not on Facebook, so was the post about blacks? The weather is getting pretty good around here, but still far earlier than I have ever found a morel. On the way home from the golf course today I spotted the biggest area of poplars I have ever seen around here!

    Now I just have to find out who owns it. There's a parking spot and everything!
  7. AtticaFish

    AtticaFish Jiggin Freak

    It was facebook...... think 1 person said they were blacks and the next said they were greys. haha.
  8. linebacker43

    linebacker43 S.S Mud Dobber

    Madison and Fayette county both had picks come from them the last two days. Greys and blacks
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  9. Clark and Greene county Grays are up with first finds over the weekend. 26 grays in Clark and 14 in Greene. My cousin and my brother found them. Dead Ash and Elm
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  10. Found 3 small blacks yesterday in Wayne
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  11. my grandfather who was native American told me over 40 years ago, when the lilac bushes start to bloom its morel season. I have followed his advice every year and have never been let down. it looks like we are getting close here in summit co. maybe a week
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  12. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    +1 on lilac flowers. I have one in my yard.
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  13. 9Left


    Dayton Ohio this evening ...I was out on a fishing trip at a local river and decided to dedicate the last hour of daylight tolooking for a few.... IMG_3860.JPG
  14. Harry1959

    Harry1959 Harry

    Buddy found total 20 wed. Greys and yellows. I've been twice, found nuffin
  15. They are just coming on north of I-70. I spent time Thursday and Friday checking known spots and found both older (maybe a week) and some so fresh they have not "stood" up or had a chance to grow. I left everything that didn't have damage. Me and the boy are headed to another public land spot right on the I-70 line in Clark County here in about an hour. I'll report back.

    I have not yet hit any of my honey holes yet and will wait for them to have time to grow and flush.

    I did make it down to SW KY and hunted 7 hrs last Sunday and I found only 22 on public forest land. They were nice yellows - nothing larger than 5 inches.
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  16. Mike P.

    Mike P.

  17. beaver

    beaver swamp crawler


    Yesterday, Jackson county.
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  18. We hit a public park and it only takes 45 mins or so - it is a small over looked spot. We picked 17; one yellow (early one). We left and marked 7 others. We are finding tiny fresh "babies" to some more than a week old. I tried to hold my boy off, but he picked few tiny fresh ones!lol.

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  19. Here is a look at just how tiny the fresh ones are (yes I know it was a waste and they grow my 9 yr old found em and picked before I could intervene).

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  20. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

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