Morel hunting in Northern Ohio today..

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fishman, May 4, 2008.

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    Didn't take the camera and truley wish I had. When walking into the woods my friends folks own, I was stopped by his mom and she asked "if I knew what morels" looked like. Thinking she was questioning my credibilty about mushrooms in the wild I respond "of course I do." To my surprise she responded, well will you come over here and take a look at these mushrooms growing in my flower beds. As I walked towards her I could plainly see here standing next to a morel IN THE FLOWER BED. I couldn't believe it honestly! Wish I would of had my camera. To make matters weirded in the woods there is an extremely old paved walking trail. This trail is so old it litterally looks like someone just layed down crushed asphalt but at times there are complete sections of it. So I'm standing in the woods talking to my friends father when I look down and there are morels growing OUT dirt between the cracks of asphalt. We then proceeded to walk the woods for an hour or half or so with no mushrooms found other than previously mentioned. I kept thinking about WHY in the world mushrooms would be growing out of the middle of the asphalt or near the old path. It had the be the warmth of it is all I can figure:confused: In total I found 8 nice yellows and 22 doggys.
  2. I found between 150-200 over the weekend. They were a mixture of yellows and grays. No big ones yet though.

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    had the best mushrooming trip ever yesterday, my wife finally came out with me. first time i ever heard anyone yell "I FOUND ONE!!" :D her first ever finds 5-4-08.

    we picked about 30 grays/yellows and ran into the biggest patch of half frees ive ever seen, picked about 35 of those. (before that the most id ever seen was 4 or so in one spot) had a great meal of fried mushrooms and the rest went into this sauce for a chicken/pasta dish. greatest shrooming day ever.

    fishman thats pretty amazing, they truly grow wherever they feel like. i guess the mycelium was under the asphalt. i imagine some morel mycelium mats could be 100's of years old. (just guessing)

    morels had to have been around for 1000's of years...imagine how big some of them got that no one ever picked.
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    This Morel season is one of the best we've had in many years, they are literally growing anywhere right now.
  5. Went out Friday afternoon and then Sat morning found approximately 150 yellows and a few dozen grays. These were all in the 3-4 inch range with a couple a little larger. Found one spot about a 15X15 area that had 88 yellows in it. I stayed in this one area over 30 minutes and just kept finding more - a new personal best for yellows picked in one spot for me.

    My brother and Dad have been finding large amounts of yellows and grays too; everybody I talked to is finding plenty - a great year this has been!!!

    My spots for the late yellows have not produced yet which leads me to believe we may have a few more weeks of good shroomin if you can pick through the weeds!!!
  6. It's been a great season & hopefully have a couple weeks to go. The weather has been perfect. Blacks & half-frees have been crazy. Just started seeing grays & a few yellows over the weekend. If you never hunted morels, this is the year to start.
  7. BIG MISTAKE you should be useing mesh bags not those plastic ones
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    why is that?
  9. misfit

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    it lets the spores out and back into the ground for future mushrooms.also helps keep them fresher.
  10. Fishman

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    How do you know know they didn't just pick those up at walmart :D

    Saw fresh morels in a specialty store, 50 bucks a pound for fresh (not dehydrated) farm raised Oregon black morels.
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    funny I'm going to walmart later to look might have a hard time finding dead elms though lol I have a question what are half-frees? yesterday I was trimming a tree (cherry) for a fella and right there in his yard I found 2 in the high grass in the corner the rest had just been mowed then I went to the wood and found another 12 but they are starting to get dry heads on them but thats ok a little soaking in salt water over night and a little hot butter today should do the trick lol:)
  12. A half free has a longer stem, and a small cap. Sometimes referred to as dog peckers. I went out today near Akron, and got :S . Looks like someone found my good spot, and pulled all of them up by the roots. I found nothing but little holes.
    Good luck everyone

    PS I know they dont have actual roots.

    MLAROSA Loving Life

    Yes, seriously you need to use mesh bags. It allows the spores to fall out. With out spores, we have no more shrooms!!!

  14. i found my first shroom today. i was mowing a ladies yard and i seen it growing next to her garage. i about pee'd myself. ive looked all over the woods while turkey huntin and never found one in my 16 years of turkey hunting.
  15. I think I heard that morel spores are actually lighter than smoke particles and most are released during the actual picking process. I know there are some "shroom heads" here that can likely answer more scientifically than I though. There are so many wifes tales and folk lore about morels, that it takes a while to wade through what's accurate and what's not. That's actually part of the fun.

    I use a mesh bag, but mostly so remaining debris and bugs can fall out while hunting. Maybe some spores are released, and every little bit helps.

    I haven't been out this year yet. This weekend for sure. I know of a woods 10 min from Belden Village that gives up a ton of greys, half frees, and yellows. Mostly small but still tasty.

    A guy I know went with his wife and got 800+ in one day last year.
  16. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    this weekend should be really good in northeast ohio.

  17. I beg to differ, I can't find squat.
  18. Same here, all I can find are people saying ya should have been here yesterday :)
  19. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    sounds awesome down south of us northern guys. im not seeing a whole lot. not like 2006. im happy with whatever i can find though.