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  1. Does w. branch have walleyes? Sorry guys but I'm new to the lake and trying to get a feel for it. I'm gonna go fishing again. I think Im gonna try the rock springs rd. bridge. Is there a bait shop anywhere near the lake? I saw a sign for one on rt. 5 I think but I never found the bait shop.
  2. There are some walleye in the lake. It isn't stocked so only by natural reproduction. There is a shop just off rt.5 called Double K or Double D something like that. I've only been there a couple times while camping. The other shop is on my way to the lake. West Branch Bait & Tackle is on rt.14 at the far west end. Both nice places and good people.

  3. thx. mac. i'll check them out today.
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    Do you have a boat ?