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I won't bug you guys with my brookie posts any longer since this might of been my last trip of the year. LOL

So I made it back out to the Allegheny National forest yesterday. Fished 3 streams. All low but the water temps were better than last time. Didn't catch as much as I normaly do, but still caught enough. Missed a whole lot because I got annoyed with dries not floating and didn't have any flotant so I put on a foam hopper and I just couldn't get all of them hooked.

Stream 1
Body of water Stream Natural landscape Water resources Nature

Stream 1 is a beautiful stream with a nice waterfall on it(waterfall pic in last thread) And this stream is a class A which means it has a very good population of fish.(I hope I didn't spot burn) We caught a bunch here including the biggest of the day.

Stream 2
Nature reserve Nature Trail Natural environment Vegetation

This stream also has a decent population, but its a tiny stream. Caught some here and saw what might of been 2 stocked fish that swam up from Tionesta creek or where put in by someone.

Stream 3
Nature reserve Nature Riparian zone Natural landscape Stream

I hiked farther up on this stream than I usually do and found a concrete dam, but no other signs of civilization. Caught only a few here but missed a ton.

Here are 2 fish pics
Fish Fish Organism Osmeriformes Bony-fish

Fish Fish Forage fish Sardine Osmeriformes

Today we stopped at a river on the way home and caught 18 smallmouth bass on white buggers. Most of them the size of the one in the first pic. River was at a good level and there were some other people fishin.

Fish Bass Fish Trout Tench

Fish Fish Bass Carp Ray-finned fish

I tried filming myself fishing so video to come!


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I spent many days fishing the small streams of PA for brookies. They are the perfect fish: beautiful, aggressive, and they live in pretty places. I always enjoy your adventures. They bring back many good memories. Thanks for sharing.
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