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  1. I just decided to buy a new trolling motor. I have always liked MG but want to look at MK. I have read all the threads here and still don't know. I bass fish with a 12 volt system. I have a 36LB Evinrude that came with my Lowe boat 6 yrs. ago. I don't know who makes it. I want to upgrade to maybe around a 55LB. What about digital? Wireless? variable speed vs. 5 speed? I fish alot of slop and bent my current motor yesterday. I want more power, stronger shaft, weedless, and get the most out of a battery. The battery has not been a problem. I fish a hard 8 hr. tourniment and still have battery to spare. I don't know if I need the maximiser. So much to think about a week until my next tourniment. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please
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    Just pick one. They both make good trolling motors. I have some of both and have no complaints. MK better for weedless and flex shaft, MG better for power and long days. For what you need it for, Buy the MK and a good battery.

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    If running time is important to you go with the Minn Kota. I've had 5 different units and use them in tourney's and I won't put anything else on my rig.
  4. Minn Kota all the way..... 55lb is an incredible motor.. we had the maximer's tiller and bow mounts on our previous boats. and they are impressive.. units...

    we now have 101's .... i can assure you you will not be dissappointed!

  5. Thanks for your quick replies. I too think that they both are good units. I always like hearing from people that have one to compare. Right now it looks like MK