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I have a large variety of fishing tackle, rods and reels, and other accessories. I can look in to shipping these items if necessary but I would prefer to do a face to face deal. I am located in Knox county but could possibly meet elsewhere. I will have another post soon with more items. The preferred way to contact me is through email at [email protected]

This is one of two threads of items.

B.A.S.S. Member soft tackle box with lures - $25
Soft tackle box with 4 clear cases filled with soft baits and hooks.

Clear tackle cases and various fishing gear - $20
6 clear tackle cases, one includes soft baits. 4 spools fishing line.

Tackle boxes with ton of soft baits - $30
One hard tackle box and two clear lid cases. One box is filled with small tube jigs. One is filed with pre-rigged worms. Big tackle box has various floats, hooks, etc.

Cooler/Tackle box with soft bait fishing lures - $40
20+ pre-rigged packages of Cremes worms. Various other soft baits (frog trailers, grub tails, and hooks. Also included a glow stick / flashlight / whistle. All in a rigid case that can be used as a tackle box or cooler.

Snelled fishing hooks, bobber floats - $10
Pre-rigged snelled hooks in several packages of various sizes. Hundreds of hooks included. Nearly 3 dozen bobber floats in round plaster as well as crappie style in plastic, foam, and balsa.

Like new Large Plano tackle box with tackle - $35
Large Plano 737 tackle box. Includes 9 small clear cases. A few soft baits are included as well. Tackle box has never been used and still has manufacturers sticker on front.

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