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  1. Being there has been a lot of talk on here as of late about jigging spoons, thought i would share some that i made. All spoons, except the 1 on the far right were cut from a piece of chrome tailpipe extention. The 1 on the far right is made from a spinner blade.
    Hope you like them.[​IMG]
  2. Wow! Great job! Thanks for the pic!

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    Wow, those look great!! The ideas that I have had and things I have seen since this was made into it's own forum have been awesome. If only I had the time.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Really nice work! I think I'll stick with wood for now. Metal working wood require another set of tools. The little lady would shoot me!!@
  5. If you are interested on how these spoons are made, i used
    1. jig saw to cut the bodies, bodies are 1 1/2 by 5/8 ''
    2. bench grinder to shape the body
    3. drill to make the holes
    4. chrome furnance tape, bought from Walmart, comes on a roll like duct tape.
    5. soldering iron to add weight, used rosin core solder
    6. Sharpie marker and acrylic paint
    7. silver lure tape for the eyes, punched out with a paper bunch, and colored with the sharpie
    8. Devcon 2 part epoxy to cover the spoon
    Nothing hard about doing these, and a lot cheaper to make then paying 3 bucks a spoon at the tackle shop.