More Spillway Saugeyes tonight!

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  1. Well got to stop at a spillway on way home from work for a little over a hour saw Cramerk there good seeing you Kent must be nice to get spring break:) . Went to opposite end of the hole and got a nice chunky one right away around 5 pounds then hooked a couple carp which one almost got the better of me had it snagged in back got her up and jig came free with a doubled over fishing rod which in turn proceeded to launch to jigs at a hundred miles a hour right into my face got face turned enough but one about broke my already broke nose!!:eek: Ouch!! After gathering my senses got back to fishing and just as Cramerk left up the path hit a really nice one. 26 1/4" long there was a another younger guy there so instead of giving Net to grass pictures i had him take a Net picture of me holding the fish!! (Ying6 that picture is for you so you do not have to be the only guy on site with a no head shot taken by a professional photographer NET):D Terry thought you would get a kick out of that one!! These were caught on double 1/8th ounce jigs with one on a orange twister the other hit hot pink!! Couple pictures at bottom of post!! Guys the hawgs are loose as we have seen lately in pictures on site with a tremendous 10 pounder taken at Alum spillway the other day check out that hog which is posted in Central Ohio Forum. I have been catching fish in all areas of water from slack water areas like at Delaware to faster current with small slack water pockets in the rivers. Take time before fishing to watch the water below the spillways how is it flowing Duh you say!! FAST AND FURIOUS!! True but if you look closely you will see the waters going many ways swirling due to humps rocks bends in river. If you can find some water that is actually heading back upstream towards dam you will increase your odds of pulling some big fish. These fish will come up river to dams and stay there but are looking for slower water to hold in many times this water is right at your feet witin feet or inches of the bank. If there are large boulders along river edge they block flow and create nice slow pockets where the fish will cling to. Also high water creates foam watch how it moves, if you see areas building up foam you have found great slack water areas these can be anywhere in the current even in middle area of the fast water. Fish these areas hard with jigs you might lose some but it can pay off big time. Small feeder creeks in super high water can also be killer at the mouths of these creeks a mudline forms from the creek clearing up and meeting the high flow water many times i have found good numbers of saugeyes in these places or just one or two but usually quality fish!! Just a few tips i have used in my spillway trips in high water that can really cut out the wrong areas to fish and make it so you have lure in hightest possible fish holding areas. NEVER PASS UP A SWIRLING WHIRLPOOL LOOKING SPOT WITHOUT FISHING IT AT LEAST A FEW MINUTES!!!!;) Good Fishing!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Very nice fish and thank you for the advise.

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    I need to get out there...

    very nice fishslim.
  4. I am with you there seethe303, I really need to get out there myself. Seeing all these nice hawgs is really very encouraging. Hopefully I can get out the rest of the week, who knows. Fishslim, are the daylight hours the best bet right now?

  5. Yes in most cases!! The spillways when high and muddy fish do seem more active during day. Best days i have had in muddy conditions come with bright sunshine warming the water. Only takes couple degrees difference in water to make them get busy. Muddy water holds warmth longer then clean water. Now at Indian when water gets high 40's low 50's those fish hit all day and in to the night. They do not care if raining or blowing or if it is bluebird skies if you find them usually in 2-4 feet of water and chasing shad. But as mentioned on spillways or rivers when high weather can not always be as important as fishing the right areas where the fish holding. Get out there and get busy!!:)
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    I'll be stopping at a spillway on my way home from Michigan tomorrow evening.I have 3 choices, Delaware first then Alum then Hoover. Tough pick as all 3 can be awesome. I guess I could take 30 West over to Pleasant Hill;)
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    U da man Troy! Well done.
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    There will be 800 guys at Alum after that guy caught that 10 lber out of there. I would go to Hoover since there won't be anyone there.


    Oh yeah........well done Troy!

  9. Nice Fish!

    Drove over the bridge at Hoover this morning on my way to work and it was packed shoulder to shoulder with anglers. Buddy was at hoover last night and snagged 3 fish. Saw 20-25 come out of the hole and some guys on the west bank keeping foul hooked fish. He just shook his ain't worth it guys!!
  10. Nice fish slim. i snagged one and released it out of the same eddy mon. night.... it was about the same size ;) good luck to everyone... only caught one keeper at hoover last night and a sucker lol
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    Another one from the master! Well done Slim! Can't wait to get out there!:B
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    nice one troy.another spring piggy saugeye by "DA MAN":D
    as much as i know i'll regret beating myself up,i need to hit a spillway before it's too late.can i borrow your legs?and a little air if you have some to spare:D
  13. Thanks for the great post. Very informative for those of us who don't fish the spillways much.
  14. Great Saugeye man, as always!
  15. Hit the same area as slim and got two today plus a nice channel. Nice meeting you dabears, hope you all had some luck after I left. 0324081447a.jpg

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    Nice lookin cat - Were you fishing for them or did he just slam ur lure?
  17. Fished deer creek tonight. Caught one nice 17 inch keeper and 3 small dinks. The water is very high and all the fish were caught on the other side of the brige. There was a family down there just killin the little saugeye with minnows. Everyone seemed to be catchin a fair amout of fish. I sure hope we don't get much rain as the lake is as about as full as it can be.
  18. Nice to meet you as well, just managed a few more foul hooked carp. I did see another gentleman foul hook an 'eye so we knew they were in there, just had a bad case of lock jaw this evening. Even though I didn't catch any 'eyes it was still worth the drive. Gonna be huntin 'eyes as much as possible this week, school starts back up next week so my time will be a bit limited and hopefully the weather doesn't wreck the fishing this weekend.

  19. :) Thanks for comments guys!! Cramerk,Dahbears7 glad you got out nice fat cat Kent there are some big cats in there as well right now. Stopped at Alum on lakeside tried couple spots nothing happening there water was back to winter pool. Spillway had quite a few guys at it did not see any fish. Indian i here is still miserable not much going on other then some males out of spillway or maybe we should call it Little Maumee run with the guys elbow to elbow in that little stream. Poor fish have no chance!! Rain will put us back in same boat as last few weeks lakes will be lousy if we get all the rain predicted,rivers will be flowing hard so many hopes of getting fish will be back below the spillways again. Get the leadpot fired up time for more jigs to be made !!:p