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More on worm info

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by Star1pup, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. It's been discussed before, but I'l really trying to learn more about keeping nightcrawlers. I've been researching YouTube and learned there are Canadian crawlers and European crawlers. I'm trying to come up with a better bedding than Buss Bedding and Frabill's. Maybe add something else to these beddings? I also learned that Purina sells Worm Chow! Really?!

    I hope some of you will weigh in on this subject and I'll be checking out previous threads on nightcrawlers.
  2. I used to use newspaper shreaded and coffee grounds. They got so big and fat I had to use both hands and a leg to get them on a hook. Trick is to keep them cool and damp.
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  3. Decoy hound

    Decoy hound Supporting Member

    Used coffee grounds?
  4. Coffee grounds lightly good top soil n paper change everything two weeks look for dead or pinch worms keep cool they will grow leebua said you need two hands n a foot hold them down I use to catch mine n breed them it's alot of work but worth it that's how I did it three big cantirer in a basement cool with that mix n let them do there thing
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  5. Read a copy of "Lunkers love Nightcrawlers". It will tell you how to grow them, condition them and best of all, how to catch fish with them!
  6. Yes. Used.
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  7. I've read Lunkers Love Nightcrawlers 4 times and it's a lot of info. But I'm trying to learn more.
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  8. baitguy

    baitguy catchin my own bait since 1957 basin

    make sure the shredded newsprint is black and white only, they actually eat it, colored ink isn't good for them, and only newsprint, they won't eat the glossy magazine pages ... no need to buy special food unless you want to, they'll eat almost anything that's organic, fruits and veggies of all kinds but no meat, bread products, onions or citrus and be careful w/banana peels, they sometimes have insecticide sprayed on that isn't great for them ... tea works well and they love melon rinds of any kind, water, honeydew, cantaloupe, just discard the paper thin rinds when they're done ... throw some crushed up egg shells in as well, they use them for digestion ... be careful giving them to much coffee at once, the acidic nature can be a problem ... the worm poop is great fertilizer, just keep adding bedding and food, no need to change anything in the bedding until you want to, they'll even eat rotting food just be careful you don't get other bugs ... make sure there's no liquid accumulating in the bottom, collect that and use it for fertilizer as well ... refrigerated is OK but it slows their metabolisum and less likely to eat much, grow or breed, they will be fine in a cool basement or even an attached garage that doesn't freeze, at least until it gets hot again, then you'll have to put them someplace cool, worms don't deal with heat very well ... make sure there are air vents in your ranch ... European nightcrawlers are more like good sized red worms from your garden, not anywhere near the size of their Canadian cousins ... I'm thinking about starting a couple new farms for some African Nightcrawlers and some Alabama Jumpers ...
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  9. wajski

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    My dad always used news paper and used coffee grounds every week we would dump them out and pick sick or dead and add some new shredded news paper. We kept them in a milk box yes they used to deliver milk! the box was insulated.
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  10. FAB


    Don't forget, you need to keep a light on them or they will crawl and be all over the place.
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  11. Wasn't Buss Bedding once a type of moss?
  12. Yes... Not sure what kind, but it was a moss bedding.
  13. one of the best beddings ive found is wet ,old oakleaves. Wet newspaper underneath and on top to keep the leaves wet.Cheap, and they grow like snakes. Soak the dead oak leaves, and keep them damp. they eat those too
  14. I still have the foam box that an order of crawlers came in and it fits in my fridge. It is deep enough to make a good bedding holder, but I wonder if I should leave the cover off. I want ventilation for the worms, but don't want them crawling all over the fridge.
  15. baitguy

    baitguy catchin my own bait since 1957 basin

    a light might keep them in but you'll want to keep a lid on them or they will be crawling all over the place, you'll find them on the inside of the lid when you take it off ... they definitely need ventilation, there are numerous different types of small vents around, or make your own out of plastic pipe of some sort, covering the holes with a mesh and put in the cover ... look at some of the worm ranches from Frabill and the like and get some ideas for vents
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  16. I have a Frabill Worm Farm, but I thought I needed something bigger. Maybe I could punch holes in the top of the foam container with a small nail or an awl. I'll check to see if Frabill makes something bigger. I'm really serious about this since my worm harnesses did well last summer.
  17. Thinking that I might just get the Frabill Number V container. It's supposed to hold 10 - 12 dozen crawlers.

    Now, any suggestions as to which commercial bedding?
  18. baitguy

    baitguy catchin my own bait since 1957 basin

    Frabills sells bedding and worm food, as well as a couple others, but you can make your own for free ... they eat their own weight every couple days ... shredded newsprint and veggie scraps works fine ...
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  19. I also read that Purina sells Worm Chow. Interesting!
  20. G3guy


    I keep mine in a plastic tote with a lid that I just drilled 1/4 inch holes in for ventilation. I use the buss beading and also feed soy bean meal or corn meal along with used coffee grounds. I’ve used other bedding and made my own but for me the buss beading is easiest . My tote is big enough that I use an entire bag of bedding.
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