More guests than members

Discussion in 'New OGF Members' started by neocats1, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. neocats1

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    I have noticed that there are more guests visiting the site than members. What's the deal people? Go ahead and sign up. You have been enjoying our information, now share some with us. Send in a tip, a picture, a fishing report, or just say HI and let us know you are around. All are welcome.
  2. I visit the site all the time as a guest. especially when i just want to take a quick look and i know i wont be able to be on long.

  3. Perchy101

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    Also could be google and yahoo and whoever else does it sending out bugs to the site (good bugs) I have noticed on other sites upwards of 200 members view one fourm and I know that isn't true.