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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by misfit, May 17, 2008.

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    well,it wasn't a match for last week's trip with shortdrift,but puterdude is learning;)
    after getting a call from him this afternoon,i gladly joined him in hopes of repeating his success of yesterday.we came up short,but still made a day of it.first,the wind made anchoring tough,so we tryed a little drifting.that seemed to be the signal for the rain that was not predicted,to begin:(
    as per misfits sop,raingear was not part of our wardrobe:rolleyes:
    it works lots better when left in the vehicle.after a good downpour,the wind eased up and we anchored up till the bait ran out.yes,someone actually remembered to bring we were pulling anchor to head in,we heard a yell for help.seems the young man and his lady lost power and were drifting helplessly down the puterdude got his good samaritan badge for towing them across te lake to the ramp,which incidentally happened to be on the opposite side from the one we launched from:rolleyes:
    at long last,we got loaded and headed home with vsions of a hot shower and dry clothes dancing in our heads.
    score for te day was only 2 keeper saugeyes and a handfull of nice slab crappies.well worth the minor inconvenience of the day:)
    fish were caught in 6-8 feet on white or chart. roadrunners tipped with minnies.
    the two highlights of the day were watching a deer browsing at faifield beach and a beautiful rainbow on the surface of the water.first time i've ever witnessed that:cool:
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    aaahhhh.. a normal trip with misfit.. :p

  3. misfit,as wet as we got,as cold as we got,seeing that rainbow on the water was worth it all.My first time as well and that hot shower was indeed welcomed and nice.:)
  4. misfit ,I have noticed this morning that my left arm is now 2 inches longer than my right,think it was from holding the rope instead of tying it off while towing that boat,and do you think it will go back to normal:confused:
  5. misfit

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    LOL.i told you so:D
    since you have to take this week off,it will return to it's normal state before you get back on the water;)