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  1. I've seen other threads discussing how fishing has been going downhill at Mogadore--which has been my experience over the last few years as well.

    I believe this in the NEW prospect report from the Ohio DNR. Depressing. I was thinking about taking my boat there this week for some panfishing. I may go somewhere else instead.

    The outlook used to be "excellent" for these species in past years. Last year I was only getting small bluegills, perch and crappie there.

    Bluegill—This reservoir is a very popular panfish lake within northeast Ohio. Bluegill were
    sampled during spring 2005 day-time electrofishing surveys. An excellent number of fish
    sampled exceeded 6”. A small percentage of bluegill also measured more than 8”.
    However, angler reports recently indicate that many smaller fish are now being caught.

    Redear sunfish—Although the bluegill may not be large, this closely related species oftentimes
    ranges from 9” to 10" in the angler’s creel. Redear sunfish ranged as long as 10”, based on
    spring 2005 daytime electrofishing surveys. This fish is better equipped to consume snails
    and fingernail clams than bluegill. The wider variety of foods consumed and the lower
    densities of this species may help explain why these fish average larger than the bluegill.
    Recent angler reports indicate that smaller fish are frequently being caught. OUTLOOK:

    Crappie—Crappie were sampled during fall 2005 trap-netting surveys. Of 151 fish sampled,
    which measured at least 5”, a fair number of crappie measured at least 8”. A small number
    of crappie sampled also reached at least 10”. OUTLOOK: FAIR
  2. Most fish, esp. the ones you mention, school by year class/size. If you're catching smaller fish, that's likely all that's in that spot. The key is move around and look for larger fish. This is true in my experience. There are some very keepable sized panfish STILL in Mogadore-you just have to move around to find them. Something spawned all those little fish, those are your target.

  3. If you kept all the big ones what did you expect?

    I think life itself is a cycle is it not? No one is born in adult size.
  4. I was fishing at Mogadore last Sunday and DNR pulled to my buddies and I, and took a creel survey. We had only been there maybe 30 mins. before he pulled up so there wasn't much to tell him. But he did also take a survey about what we thought about the regulations at Mogadore...from what I remember he asked us about ...

    What were we fishing for?
    The current size limit on bass, should it be kept or increased?
    Should there be a creel limit on bluegills and crappies?
    Should there be a size limit on bluegills and crappies?

    I don't know, maybe there might be some changes coming soon to Mogadore.

    Other than that...we caught a total of 7 LM, 1.5lbs being the largest. Had to do a lot of searching for them. All caught on senkos. It was a very slow day but not a bad day.
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    I know it will never happen, but, I would like to see a 2year or more ban on fishing at magadore lake. Only recreational fishing with everthing returned to the lake. I have seen on many many many times fishermen(persons) with 5 gallon buckets of anthing they could get on a hook. I have eaten bigger sardines out of a can. When I ask what the individual was going to do with them. The answer was eat'em. Gut clean and scale and there's not even a bite on a 3in bluegill. Tell me. Are the bones soft enough to eat on them that small? I have even seen buckets with bowfin in them. They may be edible, but I understand from ODNR that the meat is soft white meat that has a strong lake taste. In his opinion it was not very good. I don't know. Are these guys just catching fish to fertalize their roses or what? Minnow's are not sporting catch, unless your 4years old with a hanna montana or spiderman fishing pole. Then they used to throw them back and told to go get their big brother.
    I know a 2 year or more ban on fishing will never happen but I do see limits and tighter regulations comming. Those will only work with the public co-operation and enforcement of those regs.
    Has the good old Mogy been depleted by anglers or is something else going on in the lake itself? It is what is called a "high pressure" lake. Do the people care at all about conservation or preserving what we have?
    Once again. Just my 2 or more cents worth. Actually more like my 1.5 cents worth.
    later ya'll
    Ps; Will anything we say here do any good or are we just venting?
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  7. Respectfully, being that I'm catch and release 85-90% of the time...I don't feel that I've done a whole lot of damage personally to that fishery. I enjoy fishing for nice size panfish with ultra-light tackle.

    I've seen people keep a good number of bass out of there. I never keep bass.

    Last september I saw a guy hold up a nice size basket of them while I getting my boat into the water.

    Another good panfisherman I would see down there would never keep for himself, but would offer the nice fish he caught to others.

    One guy would grab a bucket of little bluegills to feed the bass in pond.

    Maybe all of this wouldn't be so bad individually, but together it's taking it's toll.

    ps dmills4124 interesting post.
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    I have had a lot of years of observation to form an opinion about this subject.

    Now I forgot where I put it.:mad: ;)

    Oh yea, now I remember. Like most things in life this is just a part of a cycle...Let the cycle keep running and it will come back around. I have been past Mogadore thousands of times and never seen so much fishing pressure to really harm the fish populations there. The bigguns are still in there. Don't sweat it.
  9. I don't think the fishing pressure is high enough to take a toll on the fishery quality at Mogadore. It can be a hard lake to fish because of the weeds, but those weeds provide excellent habitat. If you look on the odnr page regarding the best lake for fish ohio perch, Mogadore is second only to Lake Erie! Surprised the heck out of me because I have only caught smaller perch there.
    Some people have excellent luck there, they must keep it a secret.

    Usually when the bluegill are stunted its because of overpopulation, maybe anglers arent harvesting as much as we think.
  10. I live right down the street from Mogadore and have to agree, in my opinion it has been going down for years. About 5 or 6 years ago, I think when the YMCA quit running the boat house was when I first noticed it. Lots of fish still their but, catching the size crappie and gills that we used to get is more difficult. The bass are also on the decline, for me at least. To bad, beautiful lake and close.