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  1. How many people seen alot of activity on the first day in the morning.. i know the moon killed me it was a clear night and the moon was bright. when i was walking to my tree stand in the more about 5:40 there were three deer out already and i spooked them... i still got in my stand because they most likely didnt know what i was. but did anyone else have trouble with the moon... it was not full it was just one clear night and the moon was like a night light for them monster bucks...
  2. I didn't get out myself but from my experience it seems that the dawn hours are not necessarily as active on bright moonlit nights. This is mostly because the deer have been moving very actively all night long and are in no hurry in the morning hours to get to where they are going. Often times the later morning hours show more activity because the deer may bed down for a while at dawn and then move later. I believe a lot of the articles that you will find about deer travels and the moon's effect will claim that there is more midday activity during the full moon time.

  3. From my observations of sitting in a stand from dawn to dusk a lot, deer definately get up and move more during the middle of the day when the moon is full.
  4. yes i agree with that and i dont read to much articals or anything but from watching my hunting shows they say still go hunting but set up in the bedding area because some of those deer will come back early morn to bed down.... so i mean it probly will no hurt to try if u can get in to ur set up early and try to catch them heading to there bedding area .... what do u think about that ?
  5. I stay out of bedding areas for the most part. The only time I go into a bedding area is when the rut is on, and it's time to make an aggresive move. If you start going in there now, it may screw you up for the rest of the season. But this applies to me, hunting the same 200 acres all year long. If you don't always hunt the same property, and don't care about screwing up a bedding area, well then that may be a different story.
  6. I don't think I would ever recommend NOT hunting because of any moon phase. I am just suggesting that the expected amount of deer travel at the dawn hours may be lower. However there are always some deer moving somewhere and it only takes one.;) And you won't get it if you aren't out there.